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4th of July Fun for Dogs (Except Those Darn Fireworks)

4th of July Fun for Dogs (Except Those Darn Fireworks)

Fireworks bursting through the air, the smell of barbeque on the grill—guess what time of the year it is again? July 4th!

Reilly here! It’s that time of year when pets run races and cook yummy food on the grill. AND they dress up in the colors of the USA — red, white and blue. They also help US dress up in those colors.

I could really do without the fireworks, at least all the noisy ones. Don’t pets hear of us dogs telling them to stop – – I mean it REALLY bothers us!

Why Our Pets Celebrate on July 4

But do we really know what July 4th is? My research team has dug up this information for me to pass along to you so we all understand better what our pets, at least the ones in the United States, are celebrating.

  • This federal holiday started when the United States of America formally began back in 1776 when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.
  • Typical festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues are commonly found on July 4th.
  • The colors come from the flag the first 13 colonies created while fighting Great Britain for their freedom which later became what we know today, a start being added for each new colony or “state” that was added into the Union.

Don’t you find it amusing that they are celebrating their independence when we all know they are totally dependent on us? Even Chip gets a good chuckle out of that one!

Dog Celebration Too!

Now we can celebrate our independence wearing Uncle Sam dog costumes, bows, bandanas and collars! We can add American Flag dog collars to our closets (after the holiday, of course). The bandanas come in sport shapes for those that enter the races with their pets each July 4th. The one that I know  of that is run in Georgia is the Peachtree Road Race, each race pets of all ages dress up in people costumes while they run along a path. We can cheer them on wearing similar dog costumes. These costumes include American icons like Abraham Lincoln or we can dress up in tutus that are red, white and blue (not me of course, never).

Plus they make special Independence Day dog toys and treats for us that portray these colors and the American flag. Some of the Independence Day dog treats even come in apple pie flavors! One of those American pet traditional food items that now we can get into TOO!

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten those of you that are frightened by the fireworks that occur in every direction on July 4th and sometimes in the days before and afterward; check back for some help on that situation in a post to come! My research team is diligently looking for all ways that you can get help on that subject!



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