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As Dogs Get Older, Play Becomes Sports

As Dogs Get Older, Play Becomes Sports

It’s certainly no secret that many of us dogs just love playing with balls when we’re puppies. Riley demonstrates that at the dog park all the time.

Chip here. For more mature dogs like me, playing with a ball evolves from a fun thing to become a sport. I still enjoy my play from time to time but for me the ball game has become a sport to be taken more seriously. No, I’m not a pro or anything – they gave me a line about my legs being too short, but I think the bigger dogs were jealous because I had serious skills.

Of course, playing ball as I do starts with proper baseball attire but the look is only the beginning. It takes lots of practice to get to be as good as I am and lots of coaxing to get your pets to work with you. I am lucky to have pets who enjoy taking me out to practice.

Check out the clip below to see me preparing for a game. Got my uni on and everything!

If you like the way I field the ball, you should see me hit. I go to (and on) all fields. While I don’t have a lot of power, I have been known to chase a few out of the yard at times.

I do appreciate the patience of my pets helping me warm up like that. I just love the way they get the ball out there and let me run but then mix it up some so that I get to work on my verticality as well.

Did you see that I use a standard tennis ball for practice? Yeah, we have the fancy colored balls for the games. I really like those, but using a plain tennis ball makes me keep my eyes on the ball, which is good training for me.

If you want to develop your skills as I have you need the right tools. Make sure your pets get the training gear, in addition to the right clothing, to make the workout most valuable. Here are some suggestions for your training sessions.


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