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BarkWorld Expo Recap: Great Info, Pets & Their Pets

BarkWorld Expo Recap: Great Info, Pets & Their Pets

Chip and I didn’t get to attend BarkWorld Expo but wanted to interview our pets/staff members who got to attend and share with you their experience at the conference. Please keep in mind they are humans so when they say “pets” their meaning is not the same as when Chip and I say it!

So Christina and Kathy, let’s get this interview under way; what was your favorite part of the BarkWorld conference?

christina friends met at barkworld

C:  I loved meeting all the people with whom we’ve engaged on Twitter. I also feel that I learned a lot from the sessions that we can pass on to other dog and cat lovers through our website and Facebook posts.  I enjoyed learning from the great speakers and vendors such as Victoria Stilwell the author, Ginger Morgan from 2 Million Dogs, Mallory Colliflower from HGTVGardens.com, and many more!

K:  I also enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people and pets with whom I have become friends via twitter and Facebook. Petting all the friendly dogs and meeting a hamster was fun! I also learned many things throughout the conference such as how companies are giving back to those pets in need and new products coming to the marketplace that will be enjoyed by us all.

What were the top products that you saw at the Exhibits at the Conference?

Reilly Yoda BarkWorld Goodies

C:  I really enjoyed getting a sneak peek of the new products that PetCo has coming out with from Star Wars! Plus you looked really great in those Yoda ears, Reilly! The 2 Million Dog booth really opened my eyes to the fact that dog cancer and human cancer are similar! I bet Chip will like all the grain free treats that Kathy brought home for him from Zuke’s especially since he possibly has an allergy to grain!

K:  I found many of the products very interesting and innovative. GPS tracking that also allows you to store pet information as an alternate to implanting chips was interesting from TagaPet. I liked learning about the wide variety of natural and healthy pet foods and treats available and am looking forward to giving Chip a taste! I may even have a dog food customized for Chip with Petbrosia.com.

Was there any information that you learned in the sessions that you want everyone to know?

C:  Indeed there was! I learned about the many plants that are toxic in our yards and dog parks everyone should know about if you have dogs or cats. There is a full list on ASPCA’s website! In addition to new information, we got some great ideas during the roundtable discussions that we are going to be implementing soon, such as creating a Pinterest page that is connected to our website! Soon to be added to our website will be a recipe tab for those who like to make treats for their dog or cat at home! We had a blast at the treat cook-off that the Westin Buckhead hosted since they make their own treats for the pet guests in their hotels since they are a great pet friendly hotel chain.

chip nourishK:  I found it exciting and innovative that so many companies are giving back to organizations that treat pets in need. There were several companies that will donate one box of food (Be Pawsitive) or bottle of shampoo (Nourish) to pet organizations and shelters for every purchase made. I find that inspiring and would love everyone to purchase products from them to help spread the good work! One session that I attended launched a new program to assist pet moms and dads buy prescription drugs (PetCareRx.com). I learned the ugly truth that many pet owners can’t afford medications for their pets including insulin and chemotherapy so don’t give their pets the healthcare they need to be comfortable and well. This new program will help people get very reduced prices on their medicines through an insurance membership program. It could save lives.  I also did not know that my local pharmacy can fill my vet’s prescription! It was some great alternatives for many who need standard medications for their pets and don’t want to pay the high veterinarian prices.

Christina with friends at BarkWorldThank you Christina and Kathy for giving us a recap of all the new products and educational offerings you found from BarkWorld Expo.

And Chip, let’s not forget to thank them for all the swag that they brought back to us! I’m excited to try all the treats (well, at least the few I haven’t already eaten)!

 I also can’t wait to get them back to work to help us start implementing all the ideas that inspired them while at BarkWorld Expo!

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