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Baths and Dogs Go Together Like, Well, Dogs and Water

Baths and Dogs Go Together Like, Well, Dogs and Water

Do you see your pet using cool products or towels when they take a bath?

Do you wish that you had them too?

If you’re house is like mine used to be, you get stuck with the ratty old towels. I changed that!

Chip here! After watching that video about a dog’s first bath that Reilly posted, I decided to look up some things that might make a bath more fun for dogs.

Bath Towels for Dogs

To start with, I’ve noticed when Reilly’s pets bring their little pet over she has towels that have hoods of different animals, like ducks or dogs. Well, guess what? We can have that kind of fun too! They make dog bath towels for us too! Of course, these towels are bigger than the ones that little pets have for when they get out of the bath tub although those smaller towels might work great for the smaller sized dogs like me.

If you are big like Reilly, you should try to get your pet to get these cool tubs that have doors to let the dog just walk right in, instead of having to be embarrassed because your pet is picking you up and depositing you into the tub against your wishes! It might make the whole bathing process easier on our doggie nerves. Or your pet can get steps that take you straight into the bathtub so you can skip that pickup process that way too!

Our pets have cool dog bath mats that they step onto once they get out of the bath that help keep the floor dry. You can add to YOUR wish list a mat that’s a doggie face so that when YOU get out of the tub, you won’t get yelled at by your pets for getting water everywhere after your bath.

Dog Dryers!!

Another way that you won’t get yelled at for water everywhere after your bath is if your pet gets you a dryer. Yes, a dryer for dogs! This speeds up the drying process exponentially! Also, if you have a thick coat, these dryers can help get rid of some extra fur from your undercoat. (This will also help your pets from feeling frustrated that your hair is everywhere!)

And when you aren’t getting a bath, which I hope isn’t that often for your own sake, your pets can get a cool storage box to keep all your bath supplies in one place and it doesn’t look horrible! The wooden box that I’ve found is cool and is small enough to be put in the bathroom, or wherever you get your bath, and make the room look fancy!

Stay tuned for the second part of the birthday posting! I just had to write about baths after that video Reilly found floating around on the net. He must’ve been taking a break from working on his research!




3 Responses to Baths and Dogs Go Together Like, Well, Dogs and Water

  1. Such useful stuff. I look like Molly Maid when we travel in the summer, because we always go near water I have to take so many supplies – you should see me walking around with my bucket of necessities for their “rinse offs” after a day at the beach. Enjoyed it!

    • Christina Booker says:

      We have a box of bath supplies for the dog and one for the little pet. The bathroom needs an extra closet just for their things!

      • Honey says:

        usually carried the thing to the vehicle in two pieces: mount the receiver, install and adjust barrel- headspace & timimg- and ready to go. Apparently it's not a big deal if you actually bother to learn how.I'm tempted to add "Just like the designer indoudet.&qnet;

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