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Chip Friday: A Great Reason for Our Pets to Buy Us Gifts!

Chip Friday: A Great Reason for Our Pets to Buy Us Gifts!

Ever heard of “Black Friday”? Well recently they’ve added “Cyber Monday” and now “Brown Thursday”. Those are times when our pets rush out to the stores and spend money buying gifts for each other.

Chip here! Well, in this post I’m going to call “Black Friday” Chip Friday! Why? Because I’m a black doggie!

Hey, what about me? I have a lot of black too!

Oh, Riley! If they come up with “spotted Tuesday” or something like that we’ll make sure it’s all yours. This just seems like a great fit for me, though.

Does anyone really know what Chip Friday actually is? Well in order to write this post I decided to go searching for what that meant so I could talk about it. What did I find you ask?

Black Friday Origins

Black — or Chip — Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It originally started being called Black Friday in Philadelphia. It’s thought that retail stores are in the red until that day when they start showing that they are “in the black”. The retail stores consider the day after Thanksgiving as the official beginning of Christmas shopping. Stores open really early with good discounts to entice people to come out and shop before the sun rises. Within the last year, stores started opening on Thanksgiving itself to try to stop the fighting between their patrons.

When you come up with research like that, Riley, we will be sure to name a day after you!

With the addition of websites for the retail stores Cyber Monday was created. It’s just like Chip Friday for those who don’t want to go out and fight for what they want in the stores. Cyber Monday allows you to shop from the comfort of your home in your pajamas if you so choose, for special deals like those that are offered on Chip Friday. Or so they say. From what I’ve heard, Cyber Monday is just an excuse for people to be shopping from their computers when the boss thinks they’re really hard at work.

Black Friday Should be for Dogs, Too!

Looking at the commercials on TV, Black Chip Friday is all about getting great prices on electronics or pet clothes, which makes sense because that is what the pets give each other. What about us dogs???

It may not get advertised a lot, but I found a bunch of stores offering Chip Friday deals for dogs (and cats, reptiles, birds, etc.). These include some of the stores through which we have an arrangement to sell, including Petco.com, Amazon.com, 1800PetMeds.com (hey, sometimes saving money on the things we need is a gift too!) and a personal favorite of Reilly’s, PetFoodDirect.com.

Hey, I can’t think of a better gift than food, except maybe more food!

We can buy it all online too, which is a good thing since many stores don’t allow dogs in to shop. How do we pay? You mean you don’t have a credit card of your own? Maybe you’re pets will let you borrow theirs or maybe give you the password to their PayPal account. Hey, that sounds like something just right for dogs. Okay, maybe not as much as that “Bitcoin” stuff about which I’ve been reading, which must be for dogs with that name, but that’s a story for another day.

Give your pets a copy of this post or send them the link via text or email. Since so many of them complain about Chip Friday shopping, make it easier for them by going out and picking a few gift ideas. Hey, they don’t listen to us enough so how else will they know what we want unless we make them a wish list like little pets make for the big pets?

Happy Chip Friday – enjoy your shopping!



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