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BlogPaws 2015 Recap by From Our Dogs to Yours

BlogPaws 2015 Recap by From Our Dogs to Yours

BlogPaws 2015 was held in the wonderful city of Nashville.

What a great place to be a dog, especially one like me who was raised to like music.

Yeah, and food too!

Reilly here, as if you couldn’t tell from the food reference (note: it’s just the beginning in this article).

I wasn’t able to attend because I get so excited around that many dogs and their pets that I wouldn’t have learned anything. Chip didn’t go because he doesn’t like riding in the car that long.

So instead Chip and I each sent a pet to go for us.

They learned so much! They met so many other pets! They told us what they learned and let us sample some of the items they brought back.swag bag

Wow, I need to send them again! So many treats! Better yet, I should find a way to go myself.

BlogPaws Report

I’m going to let our BlogPaws correspondent and my pet, Christina, tell you all about it from here.

Thanks Reilly.

We arrived in Nashville on Thursday. We got our swag bag and checked out the program to plan everything that we wanted to be sure to see.reillys pet holding duck

First we hit the expo since we had time before the first session.

Wow, there were so many booths to check out!

I got to hold a duckling at the Jones Natural Chews booth. Reilly loved the hoof that the friendly and helpful ladies generously gave us for him! Gotta get more of those!from our dogs to yours and dogtodog

At the Petsafe booth we talked about hydration stations that would work for Reilly. We are considering getting one soon for him to use.

We stopped by the Dog for Dog booth and took a picture. We also met Rocky from the new upcoming CW TV show “Save Our Shelter”.

rocky dog for dogWe even got to see a promo for the show at one of the sessions. It looks so interesting that we can’t wait to watch it in October.

At the Honest Kitchen booth we got some special food to try! Reilly loves it! I am able to give him more hydration with this product to help keep his bladder stones at bay.

FODTY honest kitchenThey let us make our own special recipe food that we had fun creating. We picked the ingredients and got a doggy bag for home!

We also got some special food samples for Chip at Dr. Harvey’s booth since he is pretty fussy about what he eats and has difficulty with big pieces of food.

dr harveys for chipWe’ll let you know in the future how much he loves the Veg to Bowl food.

If you are sensing a trend here in our Expo visits you aren’t wrong. Regular visitors to From Our Dogs to Yours know how much Reilly loves anything he can eat. He and Chip instructed us to make that a focus of our visit.

FODTY full moonAt Full Moon, we talked to the representative about how much we loved their treats we sampled at Barkworld and were excited to try their new bacon flavored treats!

As you might imagine, Reilly is even more excited.

We next spoke to the Primal Raw Food booth. We learned a little more about raw food that we had previously not known. They have some great freeze dried products and new things. More about that later!

redroofThe Red Roof Inn booth was next! They told us some great news! Did you know that every Red Roof Inn lets animals stay for FREE? That’s right I said FREE.

I know where we’re going stay on our next vacation! Not every hotel is animal friendly, and few will let you bring someone as big as Reilly, so this is great news!

Reilly liked so much hearing he could go with us on vacation if we stay at Red Roof, that he packed his bags and was waiting for me when I got home. Not yet, Reilly, but soon!pl360

We learned about some great products coming from a new branded company called PL360.

They have shampoos, grooming wipes and “shed no more” products that we are so excited to try out.

As you can see, even Reilly can’t wait — and he usually runs away from anything that seems like bathing or grooming!

vitaboneWe had our picture taken at the Vita Bone booth with the big bone and had a good laugh joking about what Reilly would do if he got his paws on that bone.

We also got a fun lunch tote and tennis balls just for hanging out with the Vita Bone!

I can’t wait to see Chip chasing one of the tennis balls up his driveway the way he loves to do.

Reilly and Chip were really jealous that we spent so much time with that bone! Hey, you had your chance, guys.

BlogPaws is Much More Than Great Exhibits

By that point it was time for dinner, generously provided for us by the Sheraton Music City. Then it was off to the Kickoff Event. We heard from Chloe Davita and The CEO of Mars Company. They presented a great deal of interesting information to kick off the conference!

Friday was kicked off with a bang with a fabulous keynote by Peter Shankman. He shared some great stories about his adventures that were inspiring for us to keep going – you never know what life will have in store for you! Not to mention, he was so funny he had the whole room laughing including the dogs!

Once we were done laughing we went back to the exhibit hall to see the rest of the booths. We learned so much about the new products from Mars and their work to help shelter pets find forever homes.

blogpaws floor

Learning at BlogPaws

We had to pull ourselves away from the exhibits so that we could take advantage of the many great learning opportunities in the sessions.

We were energized to keep pining on Pinterest with some great info by Susan Jackson of Ahalogy. Her editorial calendar and stats on what’s trending on Pinterest will really be useful.

There were many more products, exhibitors, and sessions with a wealth of knowledge before we had to say goodbye to Nashville. We met some inspiring bloggers and pretty cute pets too, which is always a highlight.

Networking with other pet lovers is surely a reason to return next year!

Chip and Reilly think we need to go back because they are enjoying all the new products and special treats they have been getting to sample!

They want to go as well, of course.

Be on the lookout for more posts about what we saw and learned!

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