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Books That Teach People About Dogs

Books That Teach People About Dogs

Fellow dogs, do you ever wish that your pet knew more about you? Wish there was some way that you could let them know how to best let you train them? Well guess what my friends, there is!

Reilly here.  Did you know they make these things called “books” that explain a lot of great ways to train and entertain each of our pets. They tell your pet all about the best methods to train us dogs from the time that we are puppies. It explains what not to do as well.

Most of these books explain that positive reinforcement is WAY better than negative reinforcement. And I think you would all agree that is true! It’s way better to get a treat to each for doing something right than to get a smack on the nose or butt for doing something wrong. Is it our fault that they didn’t explain the trick right? NO!

Let’s start with the books made for your pets when we’re puppies. They even have one of those books that is made from the dummy people so that you can learn all about puppies and what they do! Isn’t that funny? Too bad they don’t make a book for puppies about pets!  They make a lot of books about housebreaking; someone even tried to make it so that we could train pets in only a week! That’s an amazing concept!

Then there are dog breed books; since we are all unique in our personalities, just like our pets, a book about each of us is used by our pets to try to understand us better. Heck, they even wrote a book about understanding our body language and mind. We might want to read those to see what secrets they are giving away! Let’s find out who is barking all this and make them stop.

They make all different types of books depending on your mood, there are books about the President’s dogs (man do they have a great life!), books about pets teaching us to sign like deaf pets do (and to think my pet went to college to learn how to do that!), books about medicines that are safe for dogs, and for those pets out there that prefer holistic and natural things, they even make holistic dog guides!

The list of books goes on and on, but the best thing to do is to check them out! Pets everywhere should know that they are able to get guidance from these great books to help us dogs!


Puppies for Dummies (356 Pages)Animal Planet Puppy Training and Care (112 Pages)The Super Simple Guide to Housetraining (136 Pages)Terra-Nova The Dachshund Dog Book (193 Pages)

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