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Car Seat Covers So Dogs Can Ride in the Car More

Car Seat Covers So Dogs Can Ride in the Car More

Hey everyone – Reilly again! Since I know that you love riding in the car like I do, you probably need one of “car seat covers” like my pets have in their vehicles.

When you ride in the car do those darn seat belt things get in your way and sometimes trap you? Do your pets complain about how much hair you have lost in the back seat – just like they do when it’s in the house? Or maybe you are like Chip and ride in the “bucket seat”?

Is it possible you’re one of those poor souls who’ve been trapped in that back part of the car I’ve heard referred to as “the trunk”?

Like I said, I love riding in the car. Don’t believe me? Here I am asking Christina to let me go with her!

Well, where you ride in the car, there are covers to help protect your pet’s car. They also help to hide those seat belts from view and therefore tangling or getting stuck hazard!

These covers come in a variety of colors, like everything else in life, and I can tell you from experience that the lighter ones are cooler and don’t trap the heat from the sun!

They also make them in different forms; some have more padding like a bed while others are simply a cover to keep the seat from being scratched by our nails. There are actually some neat looking ones that are tube-shaped to keep you from moving around and getting hurt. Maybe those are for hotdogs like Chip! Whatever kind of vehicle your pets own, they have a cover that will help protect you when you’re in it! Yes, and make them feel like their car is protected.

Now if only I could figure out the window lock thing! I would just LOVE to be able to stick my head out and catch the breeze whenever I want. Then life riding in the car would be perfect, especially on those long rides to visit with Chip for staff meetings.


Motor Trend Hammock Car Seat Protector in Tan (51.75K&H Deluxe Gray Car Seat Saver, 54Kurgo Cargo Cape Dog Car Seat Protector (Open: 62Kurgo Black Wander Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover (Cover: 54

Petco Premium Bucket Seat Cover (Tan; Black)

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