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Cat Towers & Window Seats for Our Feline Friends

Cat Towers & Window Seats for Our Feline Friends

Cats – what do you think of them?? Some of us hate them, others put up with them because they gotta and a few, like some dogs I know, even like them.

Do you have a cat at home? Does it hide under things and then jump out and scare you? Some of my friends tell me their pets’ cat does.

Even those who are friendly with the cats in their home complain they can get under paw at times and really would like a way to keep the cats occupied and out of their way.

Reilly here! I have a great solution to that problem!

Cat Towers for Fun

Cat towers are great places for both the cat and you! They have some place to hide and sleep while YOU know exactly where they are and what to avoid! These cat tower things come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are made for multiple cats (oh no!) and for single cats.

They can also come with scratching posts and other fun activities for your cat. They allow the cat to have a place to run and hide that is up high without having to be somewhere they shouldn’t be—like the kitchen counter or on top of the drapes!

Reilly, I’ve been told that I’m like a cat because I like to sit on top of the couch and look out the window.

I like to sit in the sun as well, Chip. I’m not allowed to look out the window anymore. More about that topic in another post!

Cat Window Seats

K&H Kitty Sill Bolster Deluxe Cat Window Perch (14However, I did happen upon something for cats that like to sit in the window as well! They have window perches that attach to windows that don’t have a window sill! That way the cat can lounge out of the way of the dog or another cat. These are great for those houses that don’t have window seats for the cats.

One of my friends had a window perch in their apartment, but they don’t live there anymore. She loved that seat, so I can expect that cats would like their own window seat as well. Most single cat window sills can hold up to 25 pounds while the multi-cat ones can hold up to 65 pounds.

Want an extra delight about these window perches? Most are tool free! They can be put up in minutes without much effort! That should make it an easy sell for your pets! The less time it takes to put together, the more pets seem to like those things.

I wish they made a window perch for dogs. I would love to be able to sit in the window and bask in the sun.

Those window seats icon for cats would work for me! I might have to buy the multi-cat one so that it doesn’t fall down on me.

Trixie DreamWorld Nerja Cat Scratching Post (16But then how would you get down Chip? You know you can’t jump very well anymore! At least not since your back surgery and since you’re so old (hehehe)!

I guess you’re right Reilly. I would need to also get steps in order to get up and down from the window sill on my own. Oh well, that’s okay really. The best windows to sit next to in my home are up too far to realistically use a window sill anyways.

Sorry Chip, but you do have a wonderful porch that you can sit out on in the sun! I’ve seen you do that before; heck I’ve done that myself! It’s so nice out on your back porch.

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