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Cats Enjoy Dressing for Halloween Too! (UGH)

Cats Enjoy Dressing for Halloween Too! (UGH)

Does your family have something other than dogs and young pets in the household? Does your family have a feline – dare I say cat – as a part of it?

Reilly here! Did you know that pets like to take care of something other than dogs? That they LIKE having cats in the house as well! Just one more thing I don’t understand about people.

Well, these cats like to dress up as well. Their costumes aren’t as cool and fancy as our costumes. They only like to wear things on their heads and not all over their body like we do.

Really? Wow, they are weirder than I thought…but then again, I haven’t really seen too many cats in my life.

You’re lucky, Chip, but unfortunately I have. My pet, Dan, used to have a cat at his parent’s house. But that cat disappeared. Last time I was there it was gone. His brother also has one. That one likes to swat at my face. Luckily, he misses a lot!

Anyway! Part of the costumes made for cats include colored claw covers. What are claws?

I don’t know, maybe those things that they have instead of nails like us?

Hmm, maybe you’re right Chip. Who knows, maybe I’ll ask Dan’s brother’s cat when I see it next (he has a strange accent but we speak the same language).

They have collar charms like we do too. They make them for those cats that don’t want to wear a fancy costume. They have the same collars that we do for Halloween spirit. So that cats can match their charms along with their collars.

They also make toys especially for Halloween that cats can play with. The ones that I’ve found all have feathers attached. I guess cats like to play with feathers? I don’t see the fun in that; they break so fast when I play with them.

They also make treats that are for cats, you know the treat part of “trick or treat”? Well, these are varied, but the ones that I’ve found to show you are little bags of catnip. I don’t know what that is except that I was told that cats like the smell? I also found a laser pointer, but I don’t know why that’s only for cats. I LOVE a laser pointer!

Some Halloween Suggestions for Cats Chip & Reilly Know

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