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Chip Your Pet Month – or is it Your Pet Chip Month?

Chip Your Pet Month – or is it Your Pet Chip Month?

May is MY month! It’s Chip Pet Month!

My pets have always told me I am special — usually, anyway — but now I know I am because they set up a whole month to celebrate me!

Chip here! It’s a month all about ME, and other dogs named Chip, but mostly about me. That’s what Chip Pet Month is all about!

Um, no Chip, it’s Chip YOUR Pet Month! Sorry to burst your bubble (not) but it’s not a month all about you; it’s a month about keeping dogs and cats safe by putting microchips or other methods to keep your pet safe if anything were to ever happen to them! This really is something worthy of a whole month.

Are you sure, Reilly? I mean, it feels like it should be my month. I haven’t chewed up any tissues in a long time, after all.

I’m sure, Chip. Besides, you haven’t chewed up any tissues because your pets got waste baskets too tall for you to get into!

Microchip Your Pets

Oh, I guess it’s not that exciting then….but I’ll still continue this post. I know all about microchips, too, because they are so important to dogs and our pets.

When our pets microchip us it is one of the best ways to be identified if you happen to get lost from your family. It hasn’t happened to me, but lost dogs pass my yard from time to time and they seem sad because they can’t find their way home and nobody can tell them where it is. I think my pets would be upset if I got lost and they couldn’t find me, too.

You sure about that, Chip?  (hehehe)

Well, most of them at least.

How can you get a microchip? Well, the best way is to go to your doctor and get stuck with a HUGE needle! Yeah, I know, that really sounds like fun, doesn’t it. It’s over fast, though, and hopefully we only have to have it done once. At least it’s in the back and not where the doctor has worked on me before…if you know what I mean!

You can buy the microchip online (such as here at Amazon.com) and bring it to your doctor so they can put it between your shoulder blades and save your pets some money. Another idea is to have some sort of description letting people know that you do have a microchip implanted in your skin.

Learn About Microchips

Petco’s website has a great description of Microchips:

These are state-of-the-art devices, about the size of a grain of rice, that are inserted by your vet with a special syringe (painlessly) beneath the dog’s skin, generally behind the shoulder blades. They contain fairly complex information that can be read by way of a scanner, providing definitive proof of ownership. The chip can only be removed surgically.

However, like most things they can migrate from their spot under the skin. Also because of the vast technology, some doctors won’t be able to pick it up with the scanner they have in their office. Having a backup device is useful. What should we use as a backup device, you might ask?

A pet name tag with a QR code with the information encoded is great! Now that just about everyone has a smart phone that can read a QR code for that information makes this a great idea! You can even get it hidden on the back of a really cute tag or even a pink princess tag!

I kind of like the idea of a high tech solution like the QR code and my pet’s smartphone finding me if I’m lost. After all, that smartphone seems to be their favorite toy.

GPS for Dogs

Can’t wear tags because you knock them off all the time like Reilly does? Well now you can wear a GPS system on your collar that’s attached to the collar. It is a little bulky, but you won’t lose it like you could a collar ID tag.

There are even special microchip pet doors that you and your pet can get installed or install yourself that are opened with a microchip or tag on your collar. This way no one else can get in and steal your food or treats. They also can’t gain access to your house and steal any of your pet’s things either. So it’s a win-win for you AND your pet!

Hey, a house that knows it’s me coming for my food and doesn’t let any other dog get to it? Now that’s my kind of house!

party for chip month with chipI think we all know that, Reilly!

Whatever method you employ make sure you have a backup! Always have some sort of ID just in case you run after something and get lost.

You can’t exactly stop and ask a pet for directions, since most just don’t seem to understand our language, so make sure you stay safe wherever you go and whatever you do!

You know, Reilly, I’m still going to act like this is my month because it is — it’s mine and all dogs’ chance to stay safe!

Getting lost would be a terrible thing – – but nothing beats being found again!

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