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Chip’s Favorite Toy Story – Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

Chip’s Favorite Toy Story – Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

Eating, sleeping and making messes are great, but it takes play to make a dog’s life complete. A fundamental component of play, of course, is toys.

Chip here, ready to talk about my favorite toy. As I will talk about more another time, just about my favorite thing in life is chasing a tennis ball. When I was just a pup, even younger than Reilly, I taught my pets to throw a tennis ball for me to chase. I could do that all day, but now that they’re getting older we don’t do it as much. Such a shame.

Over time, my pets have gotten me lots of toys, some as birthday / Christmas gifts (it’s a shame they are close together or I would get MORE toys) and others just trying to keep me from chewing up playing with shoes, furniture and other stuff. I liked some of the toys they got me and others, well, just didn’t click with my sense of play. I tried to tell them what to get me but they just wouldn’t listen.

Then one day my pets finally figured out what I wanted. If I love chasing tennis balls then what could be a better toy than two tennis balls attached together with a piece just perfect for carrying or holding your head when you lay down, right? Well, let me tell you about it right out of my own mouth. . .

Yes, I am very vocal and protective of my favorite toy. Maybe someday I will show you how I let my pets play with it along with me. Usually, though, I am walking around with it or even just putting my head on while when I lie down and keep and eye on the household.

Here is how you can get a toy just like mine, as well as some of the other that I play with from time to time. There is even a toy is use sometimes to imagine that I am bigger than Reilly – if you can believe that.

These toys might only work for smaller dogs like me. Reilly will have his own suggestions for you to give your pets if you are gigantic like him.

Air KONG Dumbbell Squeaker Dog Toy (Small; 5.5

Air KONG Squeaker Football (Large; 9Boss Pet Products FatHedz Dog Toy Pack, Pack of 4 toys ()Hyper Products Fido's Flying Dog Toy Fun Pack ()Booda Tuff Plush Dalmatian Rug Dog Toy (7Blue Ribbon Tug-O-Rope Dog Toy, Pack of 5 toys ()

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  1. Reilly says:

    He sure had a lot to say about his toy. Maybe I shouldn’t steal it…just kidding! That’s too much fun!

    • Patty says:

      Surpsiringly well-written and informative for a free online article.

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