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Cleaning Dog Hair from Floors and Furniture

Cleaning Dog Hair from Floors and Furniture

A magnificent fur coat is something only the finest dogs — like me — have (yes, this is Reilly again). Maybe yours is long and curly like Chip’s? Well, whatever kind of coat you wear, I bet you shed! I know I do! It’s so much fun to rub on things and mark it with my white fur. I especially love it when my pets wear black clothes and then you can REALLY see my marking!

Well, my pets tend to hate having my fur everywhere, especially when it’s on them, and do this thing they call vacuuming. It’s loud and scary; I always try to be in another room when they are doing it. They have vacuum cleaners for pets to help them get rid of our coats; well for a little while at least! These vacuums have special added suction and brushes to help pick up the fur from the carpet and flooring. They are made by a variety of different manufacturers, however make sure that your pet gets one that says that it’s specially made for pet hair and fur, otherwise it won’t be as functional on your hair as it should be!

If you’re a dog like me, and you love to be on the furniture, because let’s face it, we all do! Then your pet may need some extra assistance to get your fur off the furniture. Well, you guessed it; they make special brooms and aids for your pets to clean the furniture! These things look like brooms with brushes on the end to help coax our hair off of the furniture. That’s okay, that makes it fun to get our hair there all over again!

Have you ever seen those little round things that move across the floor without anyone around to push them? I think they’re called robot vacuum cleaners or something. They seem scary to me! But they are cleaning your pet’s hardwood or carpeted floors. They are searching out the hair that we leave behind and picking it up right after we leave it there! They are no fun for us! However, it seems that our pets love them. My house doesn’t have one, but it may be on someone’s wish list. They seem like they would take some of the cleaning responsibility off one or both of my pets. They can be programmed to run when the pets aren’t home so THEY aren’t bothered by the noise! That’s weird and at least a little inconsiderate if you ask me.


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