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Cleaning Itchy, Smelly Dog Ears

Cleaning Itchy, Smelly Dog Ears

Do you have floppy ears that get infected and itchy? Do you HATE it when your pet cleans them out for you? Well, Reilly and I do!

Oh yeah, I try to run away when Christina comes near me with that stuff, but somehow she always catches me!

Hey! I’m talking here Reilly, butt out bro!

Well, sorry! I heard my name and thought that I could add to the topic at hand! Geez!

Alright, now that SOMEONE is done interrupting me! When your ears get all itchy and can sometimes smell really bad, then something needs to be done.

I know that my pets hate it when I itch at my ears; they are always yelling at me to stop sounding like Thumper. I think that was the name of the rabbit that Christina had a long time ago, but I don’t remember. And what he has to do with me itching at my ears I have no idea!

Anyhow, my itching is an indication to them that something needs to be done. Now I hate going to the vet because it’s scary, so I let my pets deal with my ears at home.

What they do to help my aching ears is use some kind of liquid stuff (they call it ear cleaner) that they put into my ear. Then they massage my ear, which feels soooooo goooood! Sigh….

Earth to Chip! Come in Chip!

What! OH Sorry, just thinking about those massages! Next is not so much fun. They use these white things to clean out the gunk that’s in my ears. It might feel better, but the whole process makes me want to shake my head all over everyone. Which I do quite frequently, followed by running all over the house rubbing my ear on all the rugs. Just for added itch! They hate that as well!


R-7 Ear Care Kit for Dogs & Cats (2 fl. oz.)Virbac Epi-Otic Dog & Cat Ear Cleanser (8 fl. oz.)NaturVet Ear Wash with Tea Tree Oil for Pets (8 fl. oz.)

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