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Cleaning Up Our “Accidents” (aka Dog Poop and Dog Pee)

Cleaning Up Our “Accidents” (aka Dog Poop and Dog Pee)

Have you ever experienced what I’ve heard pets call “accidents”? You know, when your pet doesn’t exactly get you outside fast enough, even though you TOLD them that you REALLY needed to go outside? They use cute little names like “dog pee” and “dog poop” when the young pets are around but you just KNOW they aren’t very happy.

Chip here today. Reilly got to tell you about cleaning up our hair, which the pets complain about doing but is really much more pleasant for them than anything they might call dog poop.

Have you ever seen them use all types of smelly sprays to clean up those “accidents”? Well, let me tell you about what I’ve seen. My pets like to use what they call vacuum cleaners. As Reilly explained, they come in a variety of different types. I don’t like to be around them any more than he does.

When I was a puppy, Christina and my other pets wished they’d had this thing called a “spot remover”. That way they could just use it to clean that one spot on the carpet that I got “dog pee” on. It’s supposed to clean deeply so that she doesn’t have to sit there with the spray and clean and clean and clean. All while I sit there and supervise to make sure she did it right. Lots of different manufacturers make these spot cleaners, they all do essentially the same thing; clean the one spot on the rug that you had the “accident” on.

Sometimes more than just a spot is needed to be cleaned. I don’t want to know why; you can keep those reasons to yourself. Yuck! Good news for your pets! They can get these whole carpet steam cleaners that do what that little spot cleaner does, but for the whole room! They clean the carpet so that it’s back to the color that it’s supposed to be, and not whatever it looked like after you got through with it! These are also made by a variety of manufacturers so that your pet can get the one that best fits your house!


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