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Closets for Dogs? Now We Can Put Away our Stuff!

Closets for Dogs? Now We Can Put Away our Stuff!

Closets for dogs? Who’d have thought it would happen!

Hey Chip! Remember when we said that we needed closets for all our outfits and costumes? Well, those sharp people-types on our research team have found some great choices for us!

Really? Cool, I can get my clothes out of that box and hanging with pride in a closet! Maybe they won’t be so wrinkled now!

Haha! You should definitely get them off the floor! I thought you had a box for them? Anyways, to answer your question, yes really they did find some great options.

There is a huge selection of closets that can hold all our important outfits. They range in size and color. So for those who like to match all of their possessions, you can do it with these as well!

They can be set up anywhere in the house, since you know your pet will HAVE to have the final word about where we put our closet!

Oh yeah they will. It has to go somewhere where we can get to it as well as where our pets think that they should be. I wouldn’t want it out in the open where just ANYONE could get into the closet. With the zip up ones, you can put anything that you want into them and hide items from your pets. But if the closet is somewhere where anyone can get to it, then what’s the point of hiding things in it?

Jeez, just hijack this article, why don’t you Chip? As I was saying…some of the selections that were found are zip up canvas that hide everything that you have as Chip said. However, they also protect your outfits and costumes from bugs and other pets from stealing them.

The only downside is if our pets decide that they want to use it for themselves! Sometimes I hear Christina complain about needing more space to put some of her things, but if they get me a closet, I’m going to have make sure that it’s MY closet and not used for any of their things!



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