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“Dear Santa” – Chip’s Christmas Gift Wish List

“Dear Santa” – Chip’s Christmas Gift Wish List

Dear Santa,

My name is Chip the Dacha-Poo.

I’ve been a very good boy this year (no matter what Reilly might tell you).

I don’t have nearly as many things that I want as Reilly did in his letter, but then he is still just a kid. Oh, please don’t tell him I read it, but I proofed it for him before he emailed it to you. I didn’t want his letter to have any misspellings or improper grammar.

See how nice I can be!

Well, I guess I’ll get into my Christmas wish list. This year I would really like:Pet Water Fountain

An automatic dog watering system will allow me to have fresh water all the time without having to wait for my pets to refill my bowl. It will also mean business meetings with Reilly will have more frequent breaks, but if it means that there is water left for me then I’d rather have more breaks.

Large Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed - CamelI would also like a dog bed that’s like a cave so that I can hang out with my pets while they are watching television. The cave part will also allow me to hide like I do in my end table bed but still be in the same room as my pets. That lets me be nice and cozy but still see what’s going on in the room around me.

I really like to go out a lot, especially when it is sunny outside so I can just lie down where it’s warm. My pets even leave the door open for me once in a while because they know I’m not going anywhere. Sometimes my pets don’t like to have the doors to the porch open; with a sliding glass doggie door will allow me to go out without having to wait for them to open it when THEY want it open. I can come and go as I please.

A shirt or hoodie that completely fits my long body is the next item on my wish list. There aren’t that many that actually reach my tail and keep me warm! Most of the shirts and hoodies aren’t made long enough and my bottom freezes! Please find me one that will fit my length but will not have long arms since I have very short ones!

I have one item in common with Reilly. I know it’s weird that I would want the same kind of thing as him, but it’s true. I would like treats! YUM! However, the request that I have is that they are allergy treats, I am allergic to something but since I don’t know what, allergy specific food is best for me.

K&H Orthopedic Bolster Sleeper Dog Bed in Mocha (Medium; 25When I do go out on the porch, I’m forced to sit on the hard floor. I would like a nice bed on which to relax when I’m out there in the sun or with my pets. If you can give me an orthopedic bed I’d be ever so happy. I am an older dog; I’ll be 13 right after Christmas (but you know that)! This type of bed will be comfortable for me and allow my long back to have proper support!

Monster® DNA In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™ for Apple - BlackMy next thing might sound a little strange to you, Santa. I would really like some earbuds so I can listen to my computer (or my iPhone) when my pets are watching TV or just talking. I like to watch videos about the latest products for dogs and maybe some things on YouTube for fun (never cats, though) and want to be able to listen without going into another room. The ones I picked out go in my ears (over the ear headphones are awkward with my big ears) and are black so they blend in with the rest of me.

The last item on my list is a closet for mShelving With Hanging Bar-blacky clothes and maybe some hangers to go with it.

I hate the wrinkles that are currently in my clothes because they are nicely stored in a box! A BOX! If they were hanging up in a closet, then they would be nice and wrinkle-free!

Okay, that’s the end of my wish list for this year. Thank you in advance for any and all of my Christmas presents that you are going to leave under my tree for me and my pets. Please don’t forget to fill up my stocking as well!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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