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“Dear Santa” – Reilly’s Christmas Gift Wish List

“Dear Santa” – Reilly’s Christmas Gift Wish List

Dear Santa,

My name is Reilly the Dalmatian. I’ve been a very good boy this year. I have been very loving to the little pet in my house, I’ve even graciously taken the food from her hands when she puts it in front of my nose. I haven’t destroyed anything when left at home alone while being left behind by my pets. I have had the same two beds (one upstairs and one downstairs) all year long, I think!

Since I’ve been so good, I have decided to write to you about some items that I would like for Christmas this year. Here is my short list of requests:

Artificial turf for my backyard. We don’t have much grass out there; it’s mostly dirt and wet areas. If I had artificial turf then I wouldn’t have to step into puddles every time it rains. Of course, that would also mean that I can’t dig in the backyard; that might please my pets. I tend to come in with mud on my nails and nose!

Treats! Of course I have to ask for treats! They are the best thing in the world. If you want to give me a big basket of treats instead of a small bag of treats, I’m okay with that. I like any kind of treats; small treats, big treats, colored, dental treats, flavored treats…..yum yum yum! Where was I? Oh wish list! Treats are much appreciated.

At Chip’s house I am required to wear dog shoes so I don’t scratch the hardwood floors when I run around away from the little pet. However, the dog shoes Chip gave me to wear aren’t what I would’ve chosen, so instead I’m going to ask you to give me some that I do want to wear and I will bring them with me next time I go over to Chip’s house.

Back Seat Pet BarrierSpeaking of going to Chip’s house, there is some equipment for the car that I would like. What do I want, you ask? I would like a back seat barrier so that the little pet can’t throw her toys at me. I would also like backseat quilted cargo cover so that it’s much more comfortable to ride in the back of the van. It is slightly difficult to jump that far to get into the back of the van, so a step to help me get into the van without hurting myself would be wonderful!

I would also like a new laptop computer; preferably one that turns into a tablet too. My laptop is out of date and really goes slow. As you know, I do a lot of research and writing for my (and Chip’s) pet shop. Getting a new one that runs faster would help me write posts and participate in the Twitter chats every week, so I can talk with other dogs and their pets.

To go along with the new computer, I’d like a new all-in-one printer. Like my out of date computer, my printer is from the dark ages. I would prefer one that is wireless so that I don’t have to keep plugging it to print off my research for my posts.

Because I love to lie around outside in the sun, I’d like to be more comfortable while I’m lounging around. If you could bring me patio furniture that is a couch, I’d be able to lounge in luxury without having to be on the ground and get dirty and then subjected to a bath because I’m covered in dirt and mud. I’d like to avoid taking as many baths as I can!

In order to keep my figure trim, and allow the little pet to keep giving me more food, I’d like a dog treadmill to work out on. I get to go on walks more frequently now, but when it rains I can’t go out walking because it’s so wet! If I had a treadmill I’d be able to walk every day and eat more treats! Besides, I have a nice trim figure and want to be able to show it off when I go to the dog park.

Speaking of food, I would really like an elevated dog dish with a high side around it. The little pet sometimes tries to touch my food, if it’s up higher and surrounded by plastic, then she’ll have a harder time getting to it. She also likes to play in my water bowl. She splashes out all my water leaving me with none! I want to try to keep my water safe! Please give me an elevated bowl with high sides!

Bake A BoneI’d really like my pet to cook me something while she’s making dinner for the other pets. She makes tasty food, all right, and the little pet is always giving me some of hers, but sometimes I would just love to get something made just for me. To help her do that, please send me a Bake A Bone treat maker. That way I can have homemade treats all the time. She can use the recipes that Chip and I post on our website! It’s a win-win!

I hope to see some if not all of these gifts under my tree this year. Oh, and please bring some gifts for my pets and little pet. I guess you can bring some for Chip and his pets too. But don’t forget to fill up my stocking too!

Thank you!

Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas!



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