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Chip here. As the business side of From Our Dogs to Yours I have consulted with my MBA advisers and there are a few things I want to cover so everyone understands how we are doing business. First, let me say that Reilly and I do use many of the products we recommend but not all. I think we make that clear in our posts, but want to be sure. Those products we aren’t using are on our wish lists.

Affiliate Relationships with Retailers

All of the products we are promoting and selling are actually sold by one or more of the major retailers with whom we have affiliate relationships. That means we get a commission in return if you buy something from them after clicking on one of our links. Using our links does not increase the price you pay.

Our affiliate relationships provide benefits to you as purchasers. When you buy you can do with confidence because your personal and payment information is secure and being collected only by the retailer. We don’t get any of your information, not that we would share it anyway. In addition, all shipping is handled by the retailers under their policies, as are returns.

We appreciate you doing business with us and using our links for purchases.

About Our Proprietors

I guess we should also disclose that it is not Reilly and I who are writing the posts or running the website. It is our pets who are doing so, but they like to think they are picking products we would be recommending – many of which we already use – and they are relating stories as they feel we would do it.


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