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Dishes That Give Dogs Water Even When Pets Forget

Dishes That Give Dogs Water Even When Pets Forget

Slurp slurp slurp…aahhhhhh. Sure is nothing like a nice long drink of water after playing in the yard … after playing in the house … after a ride in the car … after eating … after waking up – – well, you get the idea.

Reilly back at you again! Do you like water as much as I do?!? I can’t get enough and know many of my friends from the dog park feel the same way. Chip says he does too.

Do you feel that sometimes your pet doesn’t fill the water bowl often enough? I do! Sometimes I have to whine and whine to let them know how much I would like a drink. Yeah, I know, whining is beneath me now that I’m no longer a puppy. But this is WATER we’re talking about here. Good old H2O (okay, I saw that one in a TV show the pets let me watch last week.

Sometimes I wait so long for water that I resort to the big white backup water dish in the bathroom. You too? I wait til I absolutely feel like I am going to die of thirst because I always get yelled at – as if it’s MY fault my water dish is empty.

While pawing through one of the catalogs I get in the mail I saw there are these really cool automatic water bowls that I wish my pets would buy for me that would meet your needs as well. They are like the water fountains I see the pets use sometimes! Isn’t that a great idea?

They supply clean water to your bowl all the time! And it doesn’t run out, at least not as often as mine currently does. They even look really cool too, see? Some even look like the water bowl in the bathroom.

They look so cool, maybe for Christmas I will get one if I’m good. Think Santa will bring it to me? I hope so! I love water, well drinking water. Those big puddles of water near Chip’s house are kind of scary, especially when my head goes under the water.


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