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Dogs (and Even Cats) Dress Up for Christmas Too!

Dogs (and Even Cats) Dress Up for Christmas Too!

Christmas time is here! It is just so exciting around my house. We have all sorts of decorations up inside and out, there are presents under the tree – some for me and even Reilly, I think – and we are getting ready for Reilly and his family to visit us.

I have had more Christmases than most dogs but it still feels special to me each year – and not just because my birthday is a couple days later. If only it weren’t SO cold at Christmas time. Then again, I would be hot wearing all these great clothes and jackets around the house. Some of them aren’t so great, really, but I like to humor my pets because, well, they feed me!

And that means seeing pets wearing clothes that are “Christmassy” — and we can too!

Chip here! As you can see, I love wearing outfits! Recently I got a new one for Christmas, a tree. You can get one too just like mine. Or you can be an elf or Santa Claws. Yeah, I know we can’t see the colors in the outfits but we know we look good when everyone starts saying “AWWWW! How cute!” in our direction.

So like every holiday there are also appropriately themed Christmas collars and Christmas leashes. There are also collars that are frilly and almost jester-like in their appearance. But that doesn’t mean that they are jester collars, just don’t know how else to describe their appearance. They have jingle bells on them so you can be heard walking around everywhere! Just like cat collars. Of course, they also make cat collars and leashes.

Stuff for Cats Too!

Speaking of holiday cat collars (you like that segue?), they also make ties and sequined collars for those feline friends. These look so cute in the pictures, but since I don’t have a cat friend and neither does Reilly, we don’t get to see what they look like in person. Maybe someone could send us a picture of their cat in a Christmas outfit so we know what they look like on an actual cat!

And if you have any pictures of cats in the Snowman, Santa or holiday dress (or any other holiday outfit you might have) would be appreciated as well. Like I stated before, I have plenty of outfits for the winter holiday season. You can see me in my Christmas tree pictured above, but I’ve also got Christmas sweaters and suits. You can see me in my suit on other pages on the website. I look good, I know, thank you.

Chip, get back on topic or else I’m going to take over your post!

Alright, alright I’m getting back on topic! This is my post Reilly, get your own! Um…I was going to talk about….oh hats! If you are more like Reilly and aren’t too into getting fully dressed up for Christmas; then you can get a Santa hat to wear. They look good, I’ve worn them before.Reilly Holiday Store Welcome

I’ve got a Santa hat! See don’t I look snazzy? Hey Chip? For Christmas get me a sweater that fits. They are hard to find since my chest is so broad. Does anyone else have the same problems I do when finding a shirt or outfit?

They also make antlers that we can wear if we’d rather be reindeer and not Santa. Santa is a big responsibility to be, sometimes being the reindeer is easier. It’s like Max from “The Grinch who Stole Christmas”. That’s one of my pet’s favorite holiday movies.

Oh Reilly, you reminded me if you don’t want to wear a costume, you can always wear a holiday shirt. Shirts are very comfortable; I have a wide range of shirts in my closet. I love sweaters, too, because they can be nice and warm on a cold day.

Have a Merry Christmas and don’t forget to send us pictures so we can see your pets all dressed up!

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