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Dog Beds That Let Us Sleep Like the Kings We Are

Dog Beds That Let Us Sleep Like the Kings We Are

It had been brought to my attention by my pet Christina that I hadn’t written a post about dog beds yet. I guess that’s only fair because I am constantly bringing to her attention that she hasn’t fed me recently enough! She was trying to find one that I had suggested to get me for Christmas.

Yes, it’s me, Reilly, once again! It was hard making a decision but the bed I picked out is GREAT! Although Christina does keep saying a line from some movie that involved a unicorn…not sure but she keeps saying “It’s so FLUFFY!” So here’s my post to let you other dogs know about dog beds!

Dog Bed Options

Boy, do these beds come in a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. More importantly, they also come with a variety of fillers. You can get dog beds filled with cedar to help with moisture control (if you sometimes wet your bed because your pets didn’t take you out soon enough) or you can get fluff inside like I did. There are even orthopedic dog beds, which are supposed to be really friendly to your body, especially if you are old and have arthritis, like Chip.

You say your pets let (or make) you sleep outside? There are outdoor dog beds just for you, too!

I’m not sure what the fluff actually is, but it is soooooooo comfy!!

Indestructible Dog Beds

Dog beds can also be indestructible. I guess they’re made for those dogs like me that sometimes tend to destroy their bed when bored. But I just liked to attack the zipper. Once Christina realized that, she took the zipper off the bed and I was fine. She also took the bed away from me during the day…that wasn’t fun. I had to lay on the hard carpeted floor while they were gone. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have destroyed three beds! Anyways, if you have the same problem trying to figure out the zipper and end up breaking the bed, make sure your pet gets one without a zipper on it.

The ones that claim to be indestructible—just be sure that they don’t have a zipper or, if they do, that it can be removed. I’ve destroyed of one those before! Man was it tasty…and the look on Christina’s face was great. I learned some new words too. Stuffing everywhere!

Get More Than One Bed

Oh, another word of advice for you dogs; if you spend time in more than one room, ask for more than one bed! I have a bed where I spend the night in my play pen kennel AND one downstairs in the living room. It’s great! I don’t have to get my pets to move the bed around the house. I’ve even got a bed in the computer room so that I have somewhere to curl up while Dan plays on the computer!

Beds for every room of the house – you should all be so lucky!

There are SO many bed options and, really, the best one for you is a matter of what you like and need. For that reason I’m only going to include the few that I really liked best below. You can click on one of those to learn about and buy it or you can click on one of the links above to get a wider selection and pick the right one for you! The first one is my wonderful bed!


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