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Great Gifts to Take Your Friends at Their Birthday Party!

Great Gifts to Take Your Friends at Their Birthday Party!

Do you have a party you have to go to and don’t know what to get? Is that party for another doggie? If so then I have some great ideas for you!

Reilly here! Chip might be the right guy to help you organize a party, but there is no dog better than me to help you get the most important thing for a party, a GIFT!

To start with, you could always go for the obvious– a stuffed toy. And wouldn’t you know it; they make them in doggie birthday shapes — cakes, hats, squeaky toys, musical toys — all kinds of fun! If I were getting the toy for a gift I would love it no matter what shape it was it. I think I would love it even more if it squeaked! I know I get in trouble every time I try to take little pet’s squeaky toys away from her!

Then if you don’t get a toy, you can always get clothes. They make dog birthday shirts that say birthday boy or girl on them. There are also bandanas that say “Happy Birthday” or have the birthday theme. You can get a bandana with the birthday doggie’s name embroidered on it.

There are special birthday books that you can get that are doggie birthday books! They each involve a doggie that has a birthday and an adventure that they have on their birthday!

Or you can go the traditional route for doggie birthday – or at least MY traditional, not to mention delicious, route! You can get dog birthday treats!!!  They come in birthday card forms that are edible. Of course there are dog bones that say Happy Birthday that you can also get for your birthday dog. My research even found a dog treat machine! This neat machine gives dog treats at the turn of a knob! It looks like a gum ball machine that I’ve heard of from my pets.

Hope you have a fun birthday party, even if you aren’t the dog that’s the party’s for!

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