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Dog Birthday Planning – Yes, We Love Parties Too!

Dog Birthday Planning – Yes, We Love Parties Too!

Does your pet have a birthday coming up? One of mine does! I want to help throw him a party he won’t forget.

Party! Party!

Enough, Reilly, I’m trying to be serious about this. Gosh, that Reilly is SUCH a party animal!

So, as I was trying to say, I went in search of what I would need in order to throw him a party—invitations, plates, party hats, candles, cake mix, cake mold, napkins, “happy birthday” banner, cup, and a cover for the tables.

Hey Chip, what theme did you pick?

Well Reilly, I chose everything dog related! Of course!!!

You know, Chip, everything you chose would be better for a pet to buy to throw a dog birthday party! And what’s more important than us?

Well Reilly, the materials I’ve found are perfect for both! I see that you have found something extra for a party for us dogs — bandanas and shirts that say “Birthday boy/girl”. Those would be just like the crowns and sashes that I saw while shopping for the materials.

Almost all birthday parties involve a cake or cupcakes for people to share. I see Reilly and our research team found cake mixes for dogs! They come in flavors that we dogs will love. These mixes can also be made into cupcakes so that each dog can have their own cupcake. We can always count on him to find the food.

Hey Chip, I found some candles that fit perfectly with your theme! They are doggie shaped!

GREAT! Thanks for the help. But did you find it or did our team find it for me?

I found it, thank you very much! My little pet and one of my big pets have a birthday coming up so I was looking at what I can get them for a gift. After I found their gifts, I found some great things to get if I was invited to a dog birthday party. I won’t take over the rest of your post, but I have a great post being written that will highlight some of the great things I found to give if you are invited to a doggie birthday party.

That’s wonderful, I can’t wait! I need a little help in the gift giving department! Thanks Reilly, I look forward to that post from you!

Check out these birthday party items our staff found for you!



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