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Dog Carrier / Kennel / Bed – All in One

Dog Carrier / Kennel / Bed – All in One

Beds are good talk for all dogs, since we sleep so much! Reilly here – let me tell you about my first bed.

I may be big now (okay, my grandpa keeps talking about buying me saddle, but I think he’s kidding) but I was once just a little guy. When I was just that little guy my bed was an ordinary combination kennel and carrier. I was in this type of kennel from the first day that I picked Christina and Dan to be my pets.

I am rather big and fully mature now, but when I was only 5 and a half weeks old they put a box in my carrier to make it feel smaller so that I could only get up and turn around. When I heard them talking, they said it so that I could be potty trained, whatever that means. All I know is I didn’t want to sit in my pee, so I whined when it happened until one of them took me out and cleaned it. Eventually I decided I didn’t even want to wait for them so I whined before I had to pee and they let me outside. That was MUCH better!

Wasn’t I SO cute when I was small? So small and adorable! But, I got too big for that. I couldn’t turn around or stretch out comfortably. It was great before I grew up!

Another nice thing about my first bed is that it was portable so when I went to visit the grandparents – or to the vet for my (ugh) shots – I could ride in comfort and even sleep a little in my own bed.

I am sure you will find them useful as well and wholeheartedly recommend these for your consideration.


CLICK ON ANY OF THESE FOR MORE INFORMATION (I think the last one would be good for Chip – hahaha)

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