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Pet Fashion Week 2 – Dog Wear for Cold of Winter

Pet Fashion Week 2 – Dog Wear for Cold of Winter

Don’t you just love to sit in the sun during the summer! I sure do. It may be summer now but the weather will turn cool then cold soon for many of us.

Are you ready?

When the numbers on the thermometer start to drop and it gets cold outside, it’s time to break out your cold weather clothes!

Chip here! Reilly told you about some of the fashion that can be found during the warmer summer months. I’m here to tell you about some of the choices you have for the colder winter months. You know, that time of year when we really can wear clothes without our tongues hanging out all the time.

Shoes & Boots to Protect Our Feet in the Cold

Petco Pup Crew Quilted Zip Navy Dog Shoes, X-Small ()Let’s start with Reilly’s favorite one (not!) … SHOES! You can get some nice warm dog boots that will protect your paws. This time they won’t be needed to protect you from the extremely hot pavement, but from the frigid snow or ice that coats the ground.

Yes, we can get frostpaw, just like our pets do. I’ve been out in the snow a few times without boots and it isn’t fun.

Yeah, but even a little snow hits your belly because of your short legs, Chip. Want me to share those pictures??

Uh, no thanks, Reilly. Just the memory is bad enough!

Also helps to make sure that your paws stay dry from the wet snow too! You can hit two birds with one stone with shoes this winter!

Outerwear for Dogs Too!

You know what else helps you stay dry? Sweaters and jackets for dogs!

reilly modeling winter jacketSince my photographer is busy with something else, I had Reilly pose with his jacket. He wears it well don’t you think? He’s such a ham for the camera, though! He doesn’t even let you see that he’s really hot, even though the picture was taken in the summer.

This jacket may not look like it covers much, but it helps keep the bulk of his body warm – he’s got a BIG body, too – and keeps the snow off his back.

Petco Wag-a-tude Navy Blue Bone Dog Sweater, Small ()You’ve got to stay warm during the winter by wearing more clothes, just like our pets do. They layer on clothes because they need to keep their body temperature normal. We have a harder time regulating our body temperature and can get cold. Especially if you’re short haired or buzz cut!!!

We don’t all have the warm furry coat and undercoat that some dogs do!

Don’t Forget a Hat & Scarf!

What else can you get for the winter months? A winter hat! The sun is just as bad for you in the winter as it is in the summer. And worse, you don’t feel it as much as you do in the summer. You can still get burned even if you don’t feel hot!

reilly modeling winter hatThis hat will also keep your ears warm and help regulate body temperature as well!

Is your jacket like Reilly’s and not cover your neck totally? Well you can wear a scarf just like your pets! It keeps your neck warm and you can tuck your nose into too if it get too cold.

Since our noses are cold all the time, it’s hard to imagine that they can get any colder, but they can! They can also get frostpaw!

Pajamas for a Good Night Sleep in the Cold

Does the house get really cold at night? Well then you need these…long, warm pajamas! They cover your whole body and legs too!

Did you know that at night your body temperature lowers because it’s resting? You have a greater opportunity of getting too cold while you’re sleeping because of this reason!

These pajamas will help keep you warm and toasty and let you sleep through the night because you are all warm and comfortable!

As always, there are a plethora (you can tell it’s me writing, not Reilly, can’t you!) of options for you to wear this winter to help you stay warm and dry! Please make sure you are careful out there!

Don’t stay out in the cold too long and end up freezing! That is awful! And I’m sure your pets hate it too!

Please stay safe and take all the precautions you will need this winter season!

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