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Dog Collars with Lights for When We’re Out at Night

Dog Collars with Lights for When We’re Out at Night

Reflecting clothes, can you believe it? The things humans get and wear! Maybe you’ve seen your pets or others wearing those clothes that reflect light at night so that no one hits them?

Do you ever go out with your pets – or, even worse, all alone – but don’t have that same reflectiveness and are afraid that you’ll get hit?

Reilly here! I’ve got the answer to your fears! I’ve got some of those light up reflective dog collars that act just like your pet’s clothes!

Darkness is Dangerous for Dogs

I’ve found (okay, I used Chip’s research staff) some safety information about reflective material at night. Here are some things that I found; it really made me think that maybe no matter light or dark out that I should be wearing one of these lighted dog collars. Did you know?

  • More than 60 percent of pet injuries and deaths and nearly one-third of fatal bicycle crashes occur in low light or the dark.
  • Wearing light or white clothes is not enough. Drivers can first see you and/or your pet wearing blue at 55 feet away, wearing red at 80 feet away, wearing yellow at 129 feet away, and wearing white at 180 feet away.
  • It takes 260 feet for a vehicle going 60 mph to stop so that it won’t hit you or your pet.

However, just wearing the colors aren’t enough. Reflective materials can make all the difference between the driver seeing you and not hitting you thus allowing you and your pet to continue your walk without a sudden hospital visit. According to the Federal Highway Administration, reflectors are the only proven method of making you and your pet visible at night no matter what color you wear.

Lights are also able to help make you and your pet visible at night. And I’ve found some great lighted dog collars that do just that! They are reflective and the light up with different colors depending on your fashion choice.

Check out some of these collars below and give yourself a better chance to avoid becoming one of those statistics I talked about.

Coastal Pet Lazer Brite Personalized Reflective Dog Collar in Pink with Hearts, 1Coastal Pet Lazer Brite Personalized Reflective Dog Collar in Turquoise with Bones, 5/8Coastal Pet Lazer Brite Personalized Reflective Dog Collar in Red with Tribal Paws, 1

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  1. Squeaker says:

    I purchased a Flashing Dog collar From Your Organisation.It is so perfect for my dogs for a walk at night. I feel so much better for when vehicles pass us, especially when there are no Lights On road.

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