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When a Beloved Dog Dies – Remembrances for Their Pets

When a Beloved Dog Dies – Remembrances for Their Pets

Life is great for us dogs but we know that one day it will end. We don’t like losing our friends any more than we like losing our pets, but we know it happens.

Have any of your human pets gone over the rainbow? I haven’t, nor have I personally known any dogs or other animals that have passed on, but I know my pet has known other pets, dogs and other animals who are gone now.

It unfortunately happens eventually, but here are some things that would make your pet feel better about you leaving them.

Reilly here! I’ve seen the pictures of my girl pet with other animals – another dog, a rabbit, a bird and a hamster. I never met any of them because they passed away long before I was born. I also know my pets were worried about Chip when he was sick and me when I had my recent operation.

When a Beloved Dog Dies

Yes, dying happens to all of us at some point. When your time comes, if your pets go the traditional route and bury your ashes in the yard to keep you close by them, there are markers like they have in a cemetery that they can purchase so that they will always remember where you are.

They can also put you in a pet cemetery if your city has one. Not many do and they can be very far away, so this may not be a good option for you.iconiconI have seen different ways to remember those animals who came before me, some through my research and others when I talked to my pals at the dog park.

What are a few, you ask? Well, I’ve seen different stone memorial markers that can be used, either in a path in the yard or on their own somewhere special. They can have different sayings and shapes. They can have the name of who has gone and how old they were. Or they can simply hold a picture.

There are even special urns if your pets have you cremated (I looked up what that means and don’t want to talk about it) and decide to keep you around after you are gone. Some look like cookie jars, while others can be a dog that is your breed so that they know who resides within the urn.

icon For those who want a special memory while they keep you nearby, there are many special urns for dogs, even those in the shape of a doghouse, I think to symbolize that you will always have a home with your pets even when you’re gone.

For the cat that has crossed the rainbow, you can get urns made just for cats and even a yarn shaped urn; that way your pet will always remember your favorite toy. They can always remember the good times that you shared.

Memories in Your Pets’ Home

If they want to have you a little closer in the home, they can get a memorial picture frame with a special poem that they love. It can have your name and their favorite picture of you adorning it. They can put it on their desk or with their family pet pictures to look at every day and remember you.

And if they want you even closer to their hearts to show everyone that you are there, they can get a necklace with your name and picture inside. That way you are with them wherever they go.

Every Christmas you can be remembered with an ornament. Your pets can either get one that is your breed of dog, or they can get something similar to the picture frame. Just in a smaller, easier to hang on the tree size.

So you see, you might not be around anymore to remind your pets that you are there. But they will always remember you. I know that when it’s my time, I will always live on in my pets’ minds and hearts, just as I’m sure the animals that have gone before me still do.

Never forgotten and always loved – – the same way we would feel about our pets if we lost them!

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  1. There is definitely a need for these items! Thank you for sharing all of these ideas!

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