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Dog Dish Mats – For Those Who Could be Neater Eaters

Dog Dish Mats – For Those Who Could be Neater Eaters

Are you an over enthusiastic eater like I am?

Hey, I can certainly confirm that you are, Reilly! You almost ate me one time I tried to slide by on the way to my own dinner!

Butt out, Chip – this is supposed to be MY post! Yeah, this is Reilly here.

Does your bowl move around the kitchen tile floor too easily while you eat like mine does? I have a solution for you! They make these cool plastic mats that go under our bowls to prevent them from sliding all over the place. Chip has one too, even though I don’t think he could even move his bowl if he tried (hehehe)!

These doggie placemats are great for when you are so hungry that trying to stop it from moving isn’t an option. It also makes sure that your pets don’t trip over your food or water bowls after you are through with them.

Although it does make it a little bit harder for you to move the bowl around to tell your pets that the water bowl is empty, but that’s why we can whine right?

These mats come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They have some that come with matching bowls and dishes too! I don’t know how you can see them if they are all the same, but hey, they are coordinated!

The one Chip’s pets got him has a lip around the outside, just in case anything falls out of his bowls, it will stay on the mat. And makes it easier for him to pick up and eat or drink.

My pets don’t have one just yet, but it’s on their wish list for me since I’ve been so ravenous lately that my bowl ends up on the other side of the kitchen near the stove. They think this is an accident, but don’t tell them that it’s really so that they can have something land in it after Christina is done making their food! Shh!


(He hasn’t decided yet which one he wants for himself)

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