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Dog Exercise Pen or Bed – Just Ask Reilly

Dog Exercise Pen or Bed – Just Ask Reilly

No that’s not a fence – it’s my bed! Reilly here again. I told you before about my first bed but I grew out of that in just a few months (now only Chip can fit in there – ha!).

NOW I have this metal thing that really gives me enough room to move around! I can stretch WAY out and still not touch all the sides! Here’s what it looks like. My pets move it around the house or bring it with us if we’re going away for a trip. It can fold up and move so easily!

I get to stay in it when everyone else is gone to work. I hear them say it’s because I will make a mess if they leave me loose. I have got them psyched, don’t I!

Christina calls it my “play pen”, but I don’t understand that because I don’t play in it, I sleep. Whatever, I love it. I don’t like to touch the sides of it; however I have heard that some dogs do knock it down. But why they do, I have no idea.

I can shift it around when I lay down so that I can lean against the wall. It has a door that latches that I go in and out of. I go in there and lay down whenever my pets are upstairs just for fun. I sleep at night on a big fluffy bed they put down for me.

It’s open so I don’t feel so trapped in and claustrophobic. It’s great for dogs of any size or shape, and wow have I seen some funny looking dogs at the dog park. Speaking of Dog Park, can we go?

I think this is just a great place for dogs. Friends, if your pets think you will knock it over just show them pictures of me. If I don’t do it maybe they’ll think you’re safe. Anyway, be on your best behavior for a while and maybe you can psych them too.


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  1. Jody T says:

    We did that in our dog pen. We also go a cover for the kennel at http://www.dogpensandkennels.com. No problem anymore.

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