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Dog Food Delivered to Our Door – Life is Good!

Dog Food Delivered to Our Door – Life is Good!

Do you love your food the way I LOVE mine? If so, these are tragedies if they happen to us!

Does your pet ever run out of your food and have to run out thus making your feeding time late?

Do they sometimes get the wrong kind of food because they were out of your usual because they bought it last minute?

Have you had to go hungry all night because they didn’t or just wouldn’t go out in the evening for more food?

Reilly here! I just happen to have a solution. I found this place called PetFoodDirect that delivers food right to your door! AND they always have what you want. They also have automatic home delivery so that your pet doesn’t have to worry about ever running out of your food or having to go back online and re-order your food. It comes on a regular basis!!! Isn’t that amazing!

That’s cool! Hey Reilly did you know they also have cat food too? So for those families that have “those” animals as a part of their family, they can also get their food as well. That way everyone is happy.

Hey that’s neat. Yeah, good for everyone in the family I guess. They even have some other products like beds and some great links to other sites that will get all your needs.

Don’t we know of another site that allows for home delivery? But for our heartworm and flea needs?

Yeah we do Chip! They call themselves PetCareRx to make pets think of a pharmacy. I guess they are, but for us dogs and other household non-people residents. Come to think of it, we need this too much around my house! This home delivery will send you your medical needs. Like Chip said, heartworm and flea products but also vitamins and other medical needs. They say that they are better priced than the vet and allow your pet to stay home and order in their sleepwear instead of using their cars and wasting gas simply to pick up our medical needs. I guess that’s okay with me – – I am important, after all.

If it involved a ride in the car, that’s a great thing in my book. But our pets would rather have the convenience of both of these sites that allows our products to be delivered straight to the door.

I think these sites are so great, Reilly, I put a link to both in the main menu of the store so anybody can stop by to order what they need.

Hey, as long as I have a full belly and feel good I’m happy!

Here are a couple of links to discounts at those sites! We’ll keep our eyes open for more.


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