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Stale Dog Food Can Be Avoided with Proper Storage

Stale Dog Food Can Be Avoided with Proper Storage

Disappointment is going to your food dish expecting to have a delicious meal and then chowing down on STALE food. UGH!

Does your food sometimes go stale? Wish that your pets took better care to seal up your food so that it stays fresh?

Reilly here! I know the feeling! Dog food bags don’t always come with air tight zippers to keep the food from going stale. In these times of economic instability, pets often buy bigger bags of food because they can be cheaper than smaller bags that fit well in their kitchen cabinet.

Food Storage Containers

I’ve found the solution! Dog food storage containers and guess what? They come in different varieties depending on your pet’s needs. They also allow your pets to see when you need more food! And they can get it before you run out! Oh no!! Running out of food would be HORRIBLE!

Hey Reilly, come back to reality! You have plenty of food in your cabinet. No worries!

Thanks Chip! I needed that! OK, I was talking about….food storage systems!

You can get bowls with hidden storage under it for ease of everything in one place. They come in different styles and colors. Some are more artsy while others are more designed for usage and not visibly aesthetic.

Food Storage Options

There are more storage options for those of you that want to keep your bowls the way they are. They are made of plastic and come with different options for your needs. You can even get a dog food storage container with wheels for ease of motion around your kitchen.

They also come with two containers so that you can keep the bulk in one place while putting the smaller one in your cabinet; thus keeping both fresh until you eat it!

While a plastic container is useful, it is recommended that you keep the food in its bag in the plastic storage container. Why? Well,

  • The packaging helps protect the kibble from oxygen and humidity. The dog food companies include the use of oxygen barrier bags made of petroleum products. This packaging is very effective at keeping out oxygen and moisture and helps to keep the food fresh and from going stale. After putting the food into your bowl, your pet should squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible, re-seal it, or fold the top over very tightly and put into the storage of your choice.
  • The original bag of dog food contains the barcode, batch code, and expiration date. This identifies the particular batch of food you’re eating each meal. It’s important to have this information in the event of a dog food recall.

Storage Containers for Treats Too

Paw Prints Pet Treat Container With Bone DesignYou can also get dog treat containers to keep your yummy treats fresh! It’s a great place to keep your homemade treats too! They are able to be kept in sight and within reach of your pets! That way they can give you treats on a tri-daily basis…or more! Treats are yummy, so very yummy!

These containers come in a variety of colors and styles as well. You can get one that is a pop top or a screw top. Personally, I think the pop top is better because it means that if it were to fall off the top of the counter, it might open and spill out all the treats inside.

As with dog food storage containers, if you get plastic, keep the food in its original bag. For treats not in a bag, it’s better to get metal or glass as they have less of a chance of breaking down and allowing oxygen in and causing the treats to go stale.

Whatever you decide to get; just make sure that your pets wash the containers thoroughly and completely after it is empty. Also let it dry completely before your pets put your new food into the storage container.

Happy Eating!! (As if I have to encourage you)

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