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Dog Houses for Outdoor Living in Comfort (or Even Luxury!)

Dog Houses for Outdoor Living in Comfort (or Even Luxury!)

Are you an outdoor dog? If so, I’ll bet you need a place to stay when it rains or snows, don’t you.  Well then – – you need to ask your pets for a cool outdoor house!

Chip here! With my big backyard, I’m lucky my pets haven’t decided to make me an outdoor dog! I think they like having me around all the time. But there are some dogs down the street that are outdoor dogs. I’ve seen their houses and have decided that they aren’t so bad.

They – both the dogs and their houses – come in different sizes and shapes. There are even houses that look like the ones that pet kids play in; you know, those things they call play houses.  I guess that would make these playhouses for dogs.

These outdoor places for dogs look neat and can be great to help block the rain, snow, and even the sun. They make them in a mansion-like doghouse structure too. They look really cool; I almost want to get one just so that I can be the king of the mansion!

After a little bit of research (mostly by my crack business team) I found out they even make air conditioners for dog houses in hot climates. That could almost get me to live outside. Add a TV and I am set!

If you live in a colder environment they make heaters for your dog houses, too! These heaters can either go on the floor so that you lay on them, or they connect on the outside so that the whole house becomes nice and toasty. It’s almost like sitting in front of the fireplace in my house.

Well, if you are an outdoor dog, then you definitely need to get your pets to get you one of these cool houses so that you can make the outdoors a little more like home.


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