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Dog ID Tags to Tell the World Who You Are

Dog ID Tags to Tell the World Who You Are

Where everybody knows your name – that’s where us dogs want to go. Everyone knows who we are and appreciates us for who we are – – and keeps us safe from those who would kidnap us or do us harm.

Reilly here! Yes, I like to think that I’m so famous everyone knows me wherever I go, but I don’t want to count on it. After all, what happens if I get lost and somebody else’s pets find me? If they don’t understand me then they won’t know how to get me home.

ID tags are something that every dog needs, and yes I mean you! Every one of us needs to have an identification tag around our neck. If you have a microchip between your shoulders like I do, you still need to have an ID on your collar because not all pets know how to read the chip (no Chip, I don’t mean you – though I don’t think ANYONE knows how to read you).

If something should happen and you get separated from your pets and don’t know how to find them again, then someone else’s pet can help you get home with the help of these handy dandy IDs.

Hey, they even have some tags with those fancy QR codes
on them. I have one featured below. I don’t know how you read them, but I see my pets taking pictures of those codes all the time.

What should you tell them to write on this tag? Well, your name, duh! Maybe your address, as well as a phone number of your favorite pet. Actually, the phone number is probably most important so someone can call them to get you.

Wearing an ID tag won’t guarantee that you make it back home safely, but it’s better than just having a collar without the tag. My pets are getting me a new one since I accidentally bent the last one at the dog park. Hey, when I play I go all-out!

They come in all shapes, styles, sizes and colors! For the fashion forward dog, you can get one to match the color and style of each collar or outfit.

Play it safe and have your pet buy you one of these ID tags today!


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