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Dog Park Refreshment: Reilly Talks Portable Water Bowls

Dog Park Refreshment: Reilly Talks Portable Water Bowls

Oh what fun! My pet Christina took me to my favorite place today! The dog park!!!! I got to visit with all types of dogs and run and run and run and run! Check out the short clip of some of my friends and me below (I just gotta make you read about my product recommendations first, you know!).

When we go to the dog park, Christina always makes sure that I have plenty of water. I guess she knows how much I like to pee to mark my territory everywhere and wants to make sure I don’t run out. But what do I drink the water out of? Not the bottle, of course. After all, what am I – a pet or something?

There are all types of portable bowls that your pet can use to let you drink water on these hot summer days at the dog park or even if you are out on a long walk. Can’t go for too long without water! If you get dehydrated, not only would you run out of pee but you might end up at the vet! And that’s no picnic, right! Show of hands from those who are not big fans of going to the vet! Yeah, I thought so.

Make sure that your pet is giving you plenty of water throughout the day when it gets hot outside so you have a full load to mark your territory. Whatever dog you are, inside or outside, you need plenty of fluids – though if you are an inside dog I would not recommend doing much marking of territory. Pets tend to yell when you do that in the house!

Reilly’s Recommended Dog Park Water Dishes

Dexas Popware Purple & Brown Collapsible Kennel Bowl (Large; 8.5Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen (36 oz.)Bison Pet Red Hawaiian Travel Bowl (6.25Bamboo Pet Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowl (4.25Kurgo Wander Pail Travel Bowls (Large; 6

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