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Dog Preparations for a Baby Coming into the Home

Dog Preparations for a Baby Coming into the Home

Are your pets expecting a puppy of their own? Do you think that they are ready for the both of you?

Reilly here! My pets are expecting to have their own puppy (I think they call it a baby) VERY soon and I thought that I would help them and you at the same time. There are a few things that every household needs in order to accommodate a new pet baby and you!

UPDATE: My pets had their puppy baby and it’s a REALLY small thing that makes noise a lot. We changed the picture for the post so you can see the baby. So far I’m not sure why everyone uses gates and all because it just lies there in a basket or someone is holding onto it all the time. I will need to keep my eye on this!

First, gates! These indoor gates are not to keep you out of places, but to keep that little pet baby out of your way. Who wants a little baby pulling on your ears or taking attention away from you all the time? I know that I want ALL the attention from my pets. I’ve already got one gate in the house to help separate me from unwanted things. I love it!

Second, what do these babies sound like? Well, they make a baby preparation CD for dogs in order to get used to exactly what a baby sounds like. That way when they start wailing, we’ll already know to run the opposite direction, but at least we’ll know what it is making that awful noise! I don’t know what they sound like, but if they sound anything like Chip, then I KNOW that I’ll be in a different room than that thing!

Hey! I don’t sound bad! I just don’t like when you invade MY space!

They also make books for your pets to read and learn how to get us dogs ready for THEIR new addition. They think it’s helpful to prepare us for all the new sounds and smells that a new baby brings with them. I don’t know, I think the nursery smells good to me. Plus it’s stocked full of toys!

OH! And the BEST thing they make for us dogs… GIFT baskets! They make baskets full of all our favorite things so that we don’t feel left out of the attention that this new addition to the family is going to be getting!


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