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Dog Roadtrips, Part ArfArf

Dog Roadtrips, Part ArfArf

Let’s continue our travel conversation! Ok, so I left off about treats…yum!

When you are at your destination, you need to make sure that you’ve already brought along the following to make your stay better.

(Note from Chip’s business staff: At the bottom of this article you will find recommended products from Reilly & Chip to go along with the topic of this discussion. Please click on the pictures there for more information and, we hope, to make a purchase. Chip & Reilly worked hard to find products you’ll like!)

Item to remember number six! Your kennel, you will need a place to sleep! They make portable kennels that are easily brought with you and your pets on vacation. They come in a variety of types, all the way from collapsible to tent like!

And while we’re talking about kennels, you should make sure that you also have your own dog bed with you so that you aren’t sleeping on any kind of hard surface or one that is cold (brrrrrr)!

Item number eight to remember is to pack! If you are not one that likes to travel in the car, make sure that you have your calming remedies with you! They will help make the trip seem a lot shorter than it is! They come in liquid, tablet or treat format.

Dog Travel Needs

If you are planning to be away for a while or to a place that rains a lot, then you’re going to need to bring a dog towel and some shampoo. These items are essential in keeping your feet dry and coat looking clean. After all, you want to look your best when visiting new places  – – gotta make good first impressions!

And lastly, depending on what you and your pets plan on doing on your trip you may need any or all of the following… a backpack to carry your supplies, a high chair so that you can sit at the table with your pets, doggie tunes for the car (that way you don’t have to listen to whatever they have playing), and a doggie first aid kit (well if your pets have one, why can’t you?).

Most of all remember to have fun along with your pets on their trip YOUR trip with them.

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