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Dog Roadtrips – Traveling with the Family

Dog Roadtrips – Traveling with the Family

Do your pets like to travel across the United States or beyond? Do they sometimes bring you?

Reilly here! My pets like to travel and Christina always has a checklist of items that she makes sure she brings for me when I go with them. Here’s what you need to make sure that you pack when you go traveling along with your pets.

First and foremost, FOOD (was there any doubt?)!

Like Chip told you, there are a lot of different types of food out there on the market. But your pet can’t bring a whole BIG bag with you, especially if you’re only going away for the weekend. Well they make travel food containers that will help your pet carry your food to your travel destination. You’ll also need the food travel bowl to go along with your food!

The second thing you will need is water for while you’re in the car! If you are traveling a long way, that’s a long time to go without getting any water. They do make travel containers, much like the ones that your pet would bring with them to the dog park!

The third thing you will need is your leash, and if you’re like me the gentle leader as well. This makes walking a lot easier, well for your pets it does. Personally I wouldn’t mind roaming around a new place without one.

While we’re talking about restraints, let’s also mention that you might be in need of a seatbelt. I guess I should take one more step back from that and say that you’ll need the car cover as well. That way you have something to sit on!

There are some dogs that are so pampered that they have their own car seat, like a little kid! These car seats can come with hidden compartments for their toys!

The fourth thing is just that TOYS! There are even holders for the car just for your toys. You wouldn’t want to go to a new place and not have anything to play with. You know your pets are going to bring their toys, you know those things that they type on.

Fifth thing to pack, probably should’ve said this when I was discussing food since they are probably right near your food like mine are. TREATS! If you want to make sure that your pet helps “keep you in line”, and then you need to make sure that they bring your treats!

Of course, if there’s still room in the car, your pets can bring THEIR stuff too!


ABO Gear Eco Food Traveler Food Container & Bowl for Dogs (Bowl: 4

Bison Pet Dog 3-Piece Set in Turquoise Stripes (Medium; Collar: For Necks 15

Petco Premium Seat Belt Harness (Large; Adjustable from 24K&H Quilted Gray Cargo Cover, 52

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