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Bad Breath – Not Good for Dogs, Either!

Bad Breath – Not Good for Dogs, Either!

Has anyone ever told you that your breath stinks? Have they told you that you need to take a breath mint or that you need to brush your teeth?

Chip here! I’ve been told my breath stinks a lot. I don’t know how that’s MY fault, but at least they have things to counteract that smell.

Even little baby Emma told me that my breath was awful! Man that made me feel incredibly bad! Even worse since Christina got her reaction on film!

Toothbrushes & Toothpaste for Dogs!

Well, after that episode I got some supplies to help my breath smell better. First thing I did was get some toothpaste and a toothbrush. I didn’t even know they made toothbrushes for dogs. Not only that but there are so many different flavors of toothpaste for dogs to use—chicken, beef, turkey—mmm all so good it’s making my mouth water right now!

Those do sound good. They probably taste as good as my canned food that I get each night now!

Aw, no fair you get canned food? I only get dry food!

Just TRY to Hold the Toothbrush

Yup, but it means that my teeth get that yucky plaque faster than yours will. Just means that I have to brush more. Well, have Christina brush my teeth more. But it also means that I get more treats and minty fresh breath spray to help with both my breath AND my plaque. Bet you didn’t know they made those did you?

No! Really! MMM, those minty fresh spray sound good. And they’re made just for us dogs right? I’m sure they are, don’t answer that. You’ve already taken over MY post again. Why do you keep doing that?

Anyway, these treats are made by several companies to help with the plaque and allow your pets not to have to brush our teeth as often, which is great because sometimes I just want to eat the paste and not allow someone to brush my teeth!

Alright, here are some of the ideas that both Reilly and I have for YOU to help with your breath issues!


Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Complete Senior Large Dog Dental Kit, 3-Piece Kit ()Sentry Petrodex Dental Care Kit (2.5 oz.)TropiClean Fresh Breath Fresh Mint Foam Dental Wash & Freshener for Pets (4.5 fl. oz.)Silver Tails Vet-Tech Senior Pet Dental Care System (1 Month Supply)TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit, For Medium and Large Dogs ()

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