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Dogs Can Dress in Style for St. Patrick’s Day

Dogs Can Dress in Style for St. Patrick’s Day

Look at that you came back! You must really want to know about the completion of our St. Patrick’s Day ensemble! Well then, I won’t keep you from enjoying it!

Reilly here (of course, as if Chip has any style)! Like most holidays, there are special clothes – I think the humans call them costumes – that you can wear. These costumes make you look like leprechauns. Do you know what those are? Well I didn’t either, so I had a member of our team do some digging, and here’s what I, I mean they, found.

  • A leprechaun is a diminutive fairy and a supernatural creature. Tales were passed down within the rich history of Irish oral storytelling about these supernatural creatures.
  • Leprechauns originally had nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day.
  • In 1959, Walt Disney released a film called “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”, which introduced America to a very different sort of leprechaun than the cantankerous little man of Irish folklore.
  • This cheerful, friendly leprechaun is an American invention. It has quickly become an easily recognizable symbol of St. Patrick’s Day.

So, you can wear a leprechaun costume or you can wear a bandana with the shamrock and green. Yes, they make St. Patrick’s Day dog bandanas also! There are also some that say “Kiss Me I’m Irish”; that may not be true unless you’re an Irish Setter (and I know some Irish Setters who like to kiss), but pets wear stuff that says it and they aren’t Irish, so why can’t we?

Speaking of stuff pets wear, they have t-shirts that say “Kiss me, I’m Irish”; now we can match them! They make shirts in all types of colors and in a hoodie form as well if you live in a cooler region – – or just want to look cool. The color you buy depends on what you want to be seen wearing.

As we’ve discussed before, if you go out to celebrate at night you need to be wearing reflective material. My team has found some reflective shirts in green to match the holiday spirit. So, please be careful this St. Patrick’s Day and be safe! To use an Irish blessing:

May your blessings outnumber

The shamrocks that grow

And may trouble avoid you

Wherever you go.

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