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Dogs Wishing for Hawaiian Vacation with Pets – Or At Least Looking Like It

Dogs Wishing for Hawaiian Vacation with Pets – Or At Least Looking Like It

Do your pets go on “vacation”? Do they wear Hawaiian print shirts that make them stand out and really look like tourists?

Chip here! My pets love all things Hawaiian. They’ve even been there. They didn’t take me though; I had to stay at the Dog Hotel. They act like that is a vacation for me but it’s not. Heck, just being at home is my vacation, at least when I’m not in front of the computer working on the store or Facetiming with Reilly for a meeting.

Did you know you can wear those fun touristy Hawaiian prints with your pets? Wait, you don’t know what vacation or Hawaii is? Well then, let me educate you!

Vacation Time!

Vacation: an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling. Sounds good, like a break from the normal routine of life.

Everyone that I know of really wants to go to Hawaii for a vacation; even if they’ve already been there once (or many times). So I decided to see what the big deal about Hawaii is, here’s what I found on Wikipedia.

Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches, oceanic surroundings, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists.

What would you wear to go on vacation to Hawaii — or to look like you’re going there?Petco Pup Crew Red Hibiscus Dog Bikini, X-Small ()

Hawaiian Clothes for Dogs

My staff and I have found these hawaiian dog shirts that you can match your pets! You can even wear a Hawaiian bikini! There’s even a dress you can wear that might match your bikini. Yes, guys can wear just some swim trunks or board shorts.

Even Reilly tells me I look great when I wear my hawaiian clothes, especially my shades!

Don’t forget to keep your head covered too! You don’t want that bright sun in your eyes. You should wear a hat to keep that bright light out of your eyes. Plus you will look really cool wearing it!Petco Pup Crew Navy Hawaiian Dog Shorts, Large ()

There is one thing that I remember hearing, that the sand is very hot when my pets stepped on it. I think it gets as hot on the beach as it does on the pavement during the summer.

In order to keep your feet protected I would suggest wearing sandals, regular shoes or using this foot cream protectant I found. Either way, protecting your paws is a very important topic. Make sure you protect them because you can burn them — and it hurts!

Avoid Sunburn

Speaking of burns, were you aware that dogs can get sunburned? You can also end up with melanoma, that’s a cancer. Cancer is no fun at all!

What can you do to help prevent sunburn from happening? You can do one of two things … well you can actually do both and be even safer!

  1. sunscreen made just for dogs!
  2. sun protection shirts

Yup, I said SUN protection. They make these for pets as well as for dogs! Reilly’s pet has some to protect her from the sun. These shirts are like sunscreen but without the greasy lotion being put on. You can save your body from the sun with a shirt, how pawsome is that!

These SPF shirts are actually good for those of you out there that surf. They call them rash guards. I don’t know what a rash is, but I doubt it’s a good thing if you need to have something that guards against it.

Into the Water

When you are getting into or out of the water, you can actually use a special dog ramp to go into the water. It can be hard to get into a pool because those steps they have there for pets are oddly placed for us dogs. They make you need to either jump in or be put in. Now, we can control how fast or how slow we enter the water. Plus it can cover part of the beach and let you keep your pads cool!

Whatever you do or wherever you go just keep in mind to be safe, stay cool and drink plenty of water!

Oh, and Hang Ten!

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