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Dogs Hurt in Car Accidents – Recovering From Injuries

Dogs Hurt in Car Accidents – Recovering From Injuries

Crash Bang Boom! Screams heard around, sirens come closer… You feel pain. You hear your pet moaning. What’s going on? What happened? What comes next?

Reilly here! What could I be talking about? A car accident; thankfully I haven’t been in one but my pet has. He wasn’t injured and I wasn’t with him.

Since then I’ve often wondered what would happen to me if I was in the car when an accident happened. I know I would go to the vet, but what about when I was fixed and came home?

E-Collars and Alternatives

Once I was home from the vet what would life be like? Well, that depends on how badly I was hurt I guess. If I had to have stitches, I’d probably have to endure an Elizabethan collar or E-Collar. But at least from the research I’ve found I wouldn’t necessarily have to wear a plastic cone.

reilly after surgeryI really get made fun of when I wear my plastic cone. Instead I could be wearing a puffy inflatable protective collar that doesn’t let me turn my head too much. I wouldn’t knock into everything and get yelled at! I wouldn’t bump my pet’s legs all the time and hear “OWWW REILLY!!!” That’d be a relief! And the best part of those puffy collars??? I could eat my food!!!!!!

Of course you would think of that! Food is never far from your mind is it Reilly?

Nope! I love food. I don’t mind taking pills or supplements when it’s hidden in food either! As long as I don’t taste it I’m in heaven! More treats. Did you know that if you are old like Chip or have any joint issues that you can take a joint health pill or supplement that will help you move easier?

Did you just call me old? Wait…move easier? I might need to take some of those! My legs don’t go as fast as they used to!

And if you’re good that means that you’ll get extra food each day! That’s the best part to me!

Recovering from Injuries

If you were injured in an accident, you can use different dog rehabilitation and mobility aids that will help you get back to being yourself. You can lose that extra weight you gained from not being able to do much other than eat and lay down by walking on a treadmill made for dogs. No matter what the weather you can go for a long walk. Hey maybe you can get your pets to put up one of their electronics on some kind of nature walk so you can watch it and pretend you’re somewhere else!

There are also agility devices that are supposed to help you gain more mobility and flexibility in your movement. They are used also for those trick dogs like Aussies that can do amazing flying through the air tricks. But they do have more than one purpose, like most things in life do. You can also get some use out of that doggie ramp or stairs you have for your car going to and from the vet for checkups. You don’t have a ramp? Well then you should probably get one, it’d make your life easier when trying to get in and out of a car. (Or even onto a sofa or bed…)

Massage for Dogs?

Have you ever heard your pet say that they were going to get a massage to work out some kinks in their muscles? Well, now you can get your pet a dog massage video to teach them how to help get the kinks out of YOUR muscles. I’ve heard that this will actually help your muscles after they have been sitting in one position for a long time, like if you had to have a cast on one of your legs because a bone broke.

PetSafe Heated Wellness Pad for Pets (Large; 29.5They can also put a heating pad on your muscles while they work so that they are not so stiff and can be worked on to feel better more rapidly than just having “cold” muscles. I hear heating pads feel really great too when it’s cold outside for older dogs joints.

While you are working your pet may have to help you move around without further injuring yourself. Do yourself and your pets a favor by getting one of those wrap lifting harnesses to help pick up your back end so that they won’t be touching you anywhere they shouldn’t be, but also allowing you some mobility.

Accidents can happen even if you and your pet are super careful. Just be prepared in case they do.

You wouldn’t want to have an accident happen — we hope it never happens to you or your pets — and then not know what you need to what to do afterwards. Forewarned is forearmed!!!

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