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Dogs Love Football Too – Watching, Playing and Eating

Dogs Love Football Too – Watching, Playing and Eating

Ready for some football? I might grab the ball with my teeth and run with it instead of using my paws like people do, but I love the game.

Of course, all you have to say is “ball” and you come running, Chip!

You bet, Reilly. Sometimes I’m not sure if I love that or food better. Glad I don’t have to choose.

I also like football season because pets seem to spend more time in front of the TV, which means they are sitting where I can be around them instead of scattering around the house and across the city.

Reilly, I know you also like football because your pets watch more in front of TV, with more of a chance of dropping something to eat.


I don’t know why you’re laughing, though, because your pets give you that silly red and black stuff to wear and make you cheer on some lazy bulldog — and he doesn’t even play in the games!

Football Jerseys for Dogs

Notice how pets wear clothes from the teams they are screaming and shouting to win? Some shirts are for colleges, often not even a school they attended, some are for the professional football teams they like. You ever notice how some people like teams all the way across the country? Sometimes I wonder if they really like the team or just the shirt.

I love that there are football jerseys for dogs, too! You can get pretty much any college or pro team’s jersey, just like our pets can. They even have the jersey Reilly’s wearing in the picture. Hey Reilly, what’s the big G stand for, goofy?

Funny, Chip — NOT! I’ll have you know that one of my pets went to that school.Chip jersey small

I have a great jersey I like to wear, and not just during football season. I think it makes me look tough. Here’s my picture — what do you think?

Sometimes I just like to use my pets’ fan gear to relax during a game. You like the picture of me at the top of the page? Kinda looks like I have a stinger instead of a tail, doesn’t it? I like that.

Are you able to work the computer yourself — and have a credit card? If not, be sure to get you pets to order you a football jersey for your favorite team. If you would rather not wear a shirt – I know a lot of dogs don’t – or want to show support for you team all the time, they also have football dog collars for lots of teams. Be sure to  speak up, too, so they don’t get it for their favorite unless it’s yours too.

Football Toys – Because Watching Isn’t Enough

Reilly watching football on TV

Some pets sit glued to the TV, not wanting to miss a single moment of  what happens — kinda like Reilly here. Notice how he is just locked onto the screen? I can’t tell if he’s watching the football game or a commercial for food.

Hey, I resemble that remark!

Don’t I know it, Reilly! I think everyone can tell (hehehe).

If you’re like me (and my pets) watching football games isn’t enough — and it’s just plain hard to sit there all that time and watch. I picked out some great football dog toys on the web and asked my pets to get them for me (yes I have a credit card but why use my own money if I can get them to buy stuff!).

As you know, and Reilly was so kind to remind you, I love to chase around balls. I also like to be chased around while carrying my ball. Isn’t that what football is all about? My pets have always told me I would make a great running back, sort of the scatback type, because I’m so quick and just run and run with the ball. If you’re like me, make sure you pet’s get you some of those football dog toys too.

Eating During Football Games

Do your pets love to eat during football games too? Mine like to have special treats that they don’t eat at other times, as if watching football makes it okay to have foods they like but maybe aren’t so good for them. They don’t do it very often so I’m not too worried about them, though.

Unless your pets let you eat some of their food, which my vet keeps telling my isn’t good for me, you probably wish they had special game time food for dogs, too. Would you believe I found these great dog football cookies to eat during the game? They taste great and they’re good for us, too. Can you believe that??

I hope you enjoy watching and playing football with your pets. I know I will, no matter who wins the games!

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  1. Reilly, I would say I like your jersey but daddy-dog went to GT!! I even got my photo taken with daddy-dog in front of the Aerospace Building when we were at BW. You do look cool though.
    *high paw*

    • Christina Booker says:

      Oz, my granddaddy went to GT too so I have to be careful when I cheer for the ‘dawgs’! Go dawgs…er sting ’em! BOL!

      • Velvet says:

        Your’s is the iniegltlent approach to this issue.

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      • http://www./ says:

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      • http://www./ says:

        Très beaux! J’adore ça. C’est une des spécialités que j’ai préparé pour notre pique-nique de bloggeurs à Genève (recette et compte-redu pour bientôt)…

      • Also, they’re not particularly strong (the bench press reps are for 185 lbs.)Partly a function of the fact that prospective NBA players are tall. Taller men, especially those with proportionately long arms, tend not to do well bench pressing because they have a very long range of motion when performing the exercise.

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