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Dogs Love Lawns & Can Get Pets Gear to Keep Them Nice

Dogs Love Lawns & Can Get Pets Gear to Keep Them Nice

I love the outdoors! I get to chase the ball my pet throws, look for birds and squirrels to chase, and mark the whole yard as my own. Yes, I love being outside (well, except when it’s raining, anyway)!

Do you have a huge yard with TONS of room to run around and play, like mine? I know lots of dogs who have great fun in a smaller yard, too.

I don’t like it, though, when the grass grows too high. Besides tall grass, does your yard have problems with insects and ticks — which then become your problems? Our pets just love it when we bring bugs in with us, don’t they.

Chip here! I’ve got a big yard and I love to be outside (or did I say that already?)!

Making Yards Dog Ready

My yard isn’t fenced in but there are fences available for those who need it. Your pets could get either an invisible fence that can either be a shock fence — pets like to call them dog control fences so it sounds nicer — or just a clicking fence that makes noise if you get too close to it.

Shocking isn’t that much fun, which you may have guessed, but can be useful in not letting you get hit by a car or run away and get lost! These fences can be great for the look of your yard; however they have to be buried under the ground. Each has a specific depth, depending on the brand. They can also be adjusted to how much shock is generated when you cross it!

I wonder why they don’t talk about shock fences for cats. That would be fun to watch! (hehehe)

Most of us dogs get used to where our pets put the shock fence and avoid it after the first time or two of getting too close to the shock (like I said, it’s not much fun to be shocked).

For those of you who are daredevils and aren’t bothered by the shock, you should talk to your pet into getting an actual fence for your yard. Those aren’t hidden, though, can cost more and some neighborhoods have restrictions that limit or prohibit fences. That’s makes the shock fence even more valuable for our pets.

Pets Cutting the Grass in Our Yards

Is your yard full of tall grass that makes it hard to travel through? Well then here’s the perfect gift for your pet for Father’s Day, a birthday or just because they’re so great, like mine and Reilly’s — a lawn mower!

There are several different types of lawn mowers: push, powered and riding.

What’s the difference between these? One isn’t powered by a motor, just by your pet, and is very quiet (except for the noises your pet makes when pushing it). Our online sources call this kind a reel mower, but I’m not really sure why that is.

Another is motor powered but still requires some pet power. They call this kind a push mower, which explains to pets they have to do work, I guess.

The last your pet can sit on and drive just like a car, though there isn’t a seat for the dog for some reason. I think they try to appeal to our pets by calling it a riding mower. After all, who doesn’t love to ride!

There are other factors at add into this decision as well. What type of obstacles do you have, i.e. birdbaths, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, etc.? Is your yard flat or is it hilly? All of these things are what your pet should think about when picking a certain lawn mower, but for the purposes of this article, we’re going to talk about the size of your yard.

The one that you should get for your pet will depend on what type of yard you have. If you have a smaller yard like Reilly, then I would recommend the push mover. It requires a lot of work from your pet. So having a smaller yard is better for this type of mower.

Some pets seem to prefer a string trimmer for smaller yards, though. Have you seen one of those? You can get dizzy watching that string go round and round and round — oops, Reilly is getting dizzy just from me talking about it.

A powered mower can also work for a smaller yard. This mower can also work for a medium yard. If you have a medium to large yard you might consider getting what my pets have, a riding lawn mower! Both my pets seem to have a lot of fun using it to cut the grass. They use it for other things, too, like towing a cart around the yard.

Why am I talking about lawn mowers? Well if your grass is tall, then animals and insects can hide and possibly harm you. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are among the most common problems to us dogs. By keeping your yard trimmed, you can more easily avoid these annoying bugs!

Besides, it makes being outside even more fun for me when I can watch my pets making the grass all nice for me.

Every once in a while it’s really funny, too, when they step in one of the surprises I left there for them — but that’s a story for another day!

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