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Dogs Need Coats in Cold Weather – Maybe Boots Too!

Dogs Need Coats in Cold Weather – Maybe Boots Too!

Do you see your pets wearing coats and wonder why – until you walk outside and freeze your tail off?  I know what you mean. Some of us carry our own coats full time, which makes our pets think we’re good with the cold, not knowing we envy THEIR coats.

Chip here! Guess what, they DO make coats for dogs! I hate being cold, so having a coat helps keep me nice and toasty when I go outside for a walk…or to help my pets get the mail from the mailbox (they keep trying to get me to bring in the newspaper, but I’m waaaay too smart for that!).

I have a coat too! It’s great for when that white stuff falls out of the sky!

Dogs Need Coats!

Snow, oh yeah, that stuff’s COLD! I didn’t know you had a coat Reilly! Anyways, these coats can be fur-lined or sheepskin lined. Those are toasty warm. They also come in full body suits for those dogs that live in REALLY cold environments. Reilly and I don’t see too many of those on dogs in the South. It just doesn’t get cold enough for them here. Just a simple sweater or light jacket is usually enough to keep us warm.

Whatever the weather, there’s a coat for you! They make them so that they just cover your back, or your whole body like a snowsuit that some pets wear. They also make them like the hoodies that you see some of the younger pets wearing. Light coats, heavy ones, some that block the wind – – take your pick!

Boots for Dogs, Too!

Do you have matching boots for your coat like some pets do? Yup, they make fur lined boots that are great for the winter. It helps from our paws getting frostbitten from the snow.  I usually don’t see a lot of snow but once it got really deep and I could hardly keep my nose out.  Brrrrrr, that was cold and I wished I was wearing Reilly’s boots.

If your ears are the only thing that gets cold, well they also make hats to cover your ears. Just like our pets wear to keep their head warm! These pets are just so creative at what to create for us dogs!

Click on One of Chip’s Suggested Coats or Boots Below to Learn More & Buy

ABO Gear Hunter Green Wool Dog Coat (Large; 20ABO Gear Aussie Naturals Navy Blue Quilted Dog Coat (XX-Large; 28ABO Gear Light Blue Breathable Waterproof Dog Coat (Large; 20Pet Life Black Metallic Parka Dog Coat, Large ()FouFou Dog Reversible Fou-Ski Parka for Dogs in Fuchsia/Purple (Large; 14

Royal Animals Red Puff Dog Coat, X-Small ()Royal Animals Black Puff Dog Coat, X-Small ()Pet Life Brown Argyle Suede Dog Coat, Medium ()

Muttluks Red Fleece Lined Dog Boots, Large (For Paws 3.75Pet Life Tan Suede Ruff Dog Boots, Large ()Muttluks Blue Fleece Lined Dog Boots, XX-Large ()Pet Life Black & Brown Shearling Duggz Dog Boots, Large ()

ABO Gear Aussie Dog Boots, Large (Pack of 4 boots)Pet Life Pink Shearling Duggz Dog Boots, Large ()PAWZ Dog Boots (Large; Purple; Pack of 12 boots)

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