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Dogs’ Stockings Hung by the Chimney – Stuffed Full!

Dogs’ Stockings Hung by the Chimney – Stuffed Full!

You know those big or sometimes small sock-things that our pets hang up on fireplaces or other areas during the Christmas holidays? Well, they are called “stockings” and they get filled to the brim with goodies by some fat guy in a red suit on Christmas eve!

Reilly here! I have my own stocking AND I got to pick it out myself! That’s why it’s HUGE! The bigger it is, the more that will fit into it! Haha, I’m one smart doggie!

Oooooh, that is a great thought Reilly! The more treats that your pets have to buy in order to fill it! All those treats will last you what….two days?

Yeah, Chip, I think I can stretch it out to two days….maybe. Depends on how good the treats are that they put in the stocking.

Speaking of dog treats that get put into the stocking, you know we mean by “treats”? Well….FOOD! Rawhides in different holiday shapes-candy canes, peppermints; in holiday colors-red, white and green; sticks that are meaty; treats in the shape of the cookies I see my pets eating-gingerbread men, Santa (they tell me he’s that fat guy in a red suit), reindeer, Christmas trees; the food list goes on and on.

Reilly, you’re drooling! You’re going to break the computer! Then what will you type up your posts on?

Hm, good point…I’ll use one of those burp clothes my pets have for their little pet to clean my chin up. Anyways, where was I????

OH! Other treats that can get put into our over-sized stockings! You can also put stuffed toys into the stockings for dogs. They make them in great holiday shapes and creatures as well. They also make them in different formats; some have rope with them, others are stretchy, they can be stuffed and squeaky, and even some are made out of plastic for those of us that are good at destroying toys (like I am.)

They even make baskets and premade stockings full of treats and surprises for those pets who are lazy and don’t want to put much thought into the stocking stuffers because they have to pick out gifts still. My pet Dan is a “last minute shopper”, hopefully Christina bought all the gifts for me from them, and she’s a great shopper! She really seems to enjoy it.

Oh, and while I’m not on the subject, did you know that for those dogs that don’t celebrate Christmas, they even make toys for them! They make treats also! I even managed to find a bandana for you dogs to wear! Aren’t I just so sweet? Chip, don’t answer that!

Whatever you celebrate, Happy Holidays! Enjoy this time with friends and family! Also, for those who haven’t bought gifts yet, check out our holiday store for dogs & even cats!

Petco Squeaking Christmas Tree Dog Toy (13Petco Holiday Rose Swirl Plush Moose Dog Toy (Large; 18Petco Rose Swirl Plush Bear Dog Toy (17Petco Holiday Weeble Wobble Bear or Moose Plush Dog Toy (5Petco Moose and Bear Plush Rubber Ring Dog Toy (13

Merrick Venison Holiday Stew Sausage Dog Treats (3Petco Holiday Munchy Rawhide Variety Pack for Dogs (12 oz.; Assorted; Pack of 9 rawhide)Petco Holiday Red & Green Rawhide Peppermint Waves for Dogs (4 oz.; 4Petco Holiday Rawhide House with Munchy Chews for Dogs (5 oz.; 6Petco Holiday Red & Green Rawhide Knot Bones for Dogs (6.5 oz.; 2.5

Petco Holiday Twisted Ring with Rope Dog Toy (19Petco Holiday Thermo Plastic Rubber Ball Gift Set for Dogs (3.5Petco Holiday Monkey with Blanket Dog Toy (Medium; 15

Petco Holiday Hanukkah Bandana (One Size Fits Most; 7.5

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  1. Diane Stalnaker says:

    You show rawhide house and stocking for dogs. I don’t see it on your site. Do you carry them?

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