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Dealing with Dogs’ Tear Eyes, Those Unsightly Watery Discharges We Get

Dealing with Dogs’ Tear Eyes, Those Unsightly Watery Discharges We Get

Do you have “tears” visible on your face?

Do you wish that you could make them go away?

Reilly here! Luckily, I’m not one of those types of dogs that have this, but my staff has some experience with this so I know how to help it go away.

You may have already guessed that I can suggest several different types of products that your pets can use on your face to help make these tears go away.

Hey, this is a store, after all!

What are these tear things anyway? I mean, water coming out of your eyes?? What causes them?

Dogs and Tear Eyes

Here’s what I found out. For many dogs, tear eyes are caused by an irritant in the eye. When not flushed or removed, then the irritant doesn’t go away and will continuously cause irritation. For other dogs, however, it could be that the eye’s tear ducts are not working quite right.

Whatever the reason, your eyes need to be checked out and fixed first; otherwise the tears will continue to be produced. According to WebMD, here is a list of problems that could be the cause of excessive tears in dogs:

  • Shallow eye sockets. If the eye sockets aren’t big or deep enough, tears can spill out onto the fur around the eyes.
  • Eyelids that are turned inward. If the eyelids roll in toward the eyeball, the drainage holes for tears may become blocked.
  • Hair growth around the eye. If hair grows too close to the eye, it can wick tears away from the eye and onto the face.
  • Blocked tear drainage holes. Previous dog eye infections or eye damage can cause scar tissue to form that blocks some of the drainage passages for tears.

Who do these tears things usually happen to? Well in big dogs like me, you don’t see these things unless there’s a reason. However smaller dogs will have tears running down their faces more often than not. So, if you are a small dog like Chip, then you might want to keep reading and find out how to help it.

Dealing with Tear Eyes

So, now that you know what can cause them, and you’ve been to the vet or groomer for treatment; what do you do in between visits if it occurs again? Well you get your pet to get some eye rinse. What does this do? It flushes any irritant out of your eyes. This will get any small particle out of your eye.

Next, your pet will use a eye wipe or moistened cloth to wash the reddish brown tears off your fur under your eyes. This will take off the excess tear goop off your face. It will be totally fix it, but you will look better and feel better after the rinse and wash.

There are also tear removal kits that will get rid of that coloring a lot better than the wipes. They help take the color out. However, it is a multiple set process that takes some time to do and you will end up having to sit still for a while when your pet works on your face. They may have to hold your face still for quite a while which is no fun. However it will help.

There are some tear stain removal pills and chews that my research team found that could help from the inside out. However, like most things, it’s no definite if these products will work with your situation. That will depend on what your situation and the reason why your eyes are producing tears.

Don’t forget – – your pets should always get you checked out by a vet before starting anything and to make sure that the reason isn’t something more than what it appears.

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