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Door Scratch Guards – Because Dogs Gotta Get Outside!

Door Scratch Guards – Because Dogs Gotta Get Outside!

Your pets yell at you – or worse – when you’re yelling at something at the front or back door?

Are you getting paint in your nails when you scratch at the door to say hi to who or whatever is out there?

Wouldn’t be great if there was a way you could scratch away without messing up your nails or getting in trouble for leaving those nasty marks on the doors?

Reilly here! I do it all the time! Well I used to, but that part’s for a different story. In THIS story I’m going to discuss door scratch guards!

Door Scratch Guards

Why does your door need a guard, Reilly? What in the world are you doing to it? I don’t understand the point.

Well Chip, you don’t understand because you don’t scratch at the door to get the cat or pet that is on the other side. Mostly because you can’t see them through the window! You’re so short!

Hey! I bark! Just because I don’t scratch the door doesn’t mean that my door doesn’t need a guard! I could scratch at it if I wanted to!

Yeah alright Chip, whatever you say.  ANYWAY…scratching at the door is a behavior we dogs seem born to do, or at least it’s commonly found among us dogs. It also seems to be one of those things pets label a “behavioral problem,” as if we have a choice about doing it.

Why we do it has kept our pets stumped. But they have figured out that it could be because we want to go outside or even because we are improperly trained whenever they have company around.

Most pets don’t want to take the time to try to train us to stop this behavior. But they DO want to protect their doors and so they buy one of these
door scratch protectors
for each outside door.

There also seems to be a number of dogs that get stuck between the rails of a staircase. Well, pets devised a way to keep this from happening again. They made a screen that prevents us dogs from being able to stick our heads through these railings. I think they also use the same things to keep the little pets (like the baby in my house) from doing the same thing! They yell at both of us the same when it happens, too!

Anyway, below are some examples of what I talked about regarding doors and stairs! Click on one of the pictures to learn more and have your pets buy one if you need it (or they need it for you!).

Door Scratch Protector         

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