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Dressing for Halloween – For Dogs Who Don’t Like Costumes

Dressing for Halloween – For Dogs Who Don’t Like Costumes

Do you hate wearing costumes? Think that they are weird and uncomfortable – – even too humanizing? Still want to be festive and show some Halloween spirit?

Reilly here! There are other ways that you can dress up for Halloween without actually wearing a costume.

Oh yeah? And what’s that Reilly? Wear a t-shirt that belongs to someone else, maybe borrowed from your mom?

Well actually Chip, yes kind of like that, at least! They make t-shirts that are Halloween themed with skulls, pumpkins, and candy corn (yum!). If you live in cooler temperatures, they make sweaters with the same themes. These items are great if you’re like Chip and already used to wearing a shirt. Plus they come with the added bonus of keeping you warm as the temperatures drop in this fall season.

Oh yeah, they are great! Even if you have a fur coat like me, they help with the cooler temperatures. Especially if it goes from being really hot one day to really cold the next!

That’s so true Chip. These temperatures are so weird!

If you aren’t a t-shirt or sweater wearing dog, then maybe you’d like to wear the bandana with the Halloween theme. It’s just a little bit of material that’s triangular shaped that goes around the neck. It ties and then the triangle shows either at your chest or on the back of your neck. It is a great way to show off your spirit without having to wear a full body costume.

Hey Reilly, they even make shoes! Now you can wear Halloween shoes instead of the red ones you currently have! You could wear pumpkins on your feet. And if you don’t like pumpkins, you could wear skeleton feet!

Shoes! What? Where? I don’t need any more shoes, what am I a girl? Those red ones go with everything!

And if you don’t want to wear anything other than your natural fur coat, going au naturel, then you might be interested in a collar and matching leash that can show off your holiday spirit. They make them in those same Halloween themes, skulls, pumpkins, candy corn, and black cats. Why you would want to be wearing cats on your collar I don’t know, but it’s your collar so you can do whatever you want! They don’t just make collars in black and orange; they even make them in pink! That’s for those girly dogs out there!

If you wear a harness as well as a collar, then you can show off your spirit with your harness! They even make those in Halloween themes!

What will those pets think of next for us dogs?


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