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Here Comes the Easter … Dog?? More Treats & Toys!

Here Comes the Easter … Dog?? More Treats & Toys!

Multi-colored plastic eggs hidden (sort of) everywhere and little pets running around with colored baskets trying to find them. It is quite the sight!

They seem to do it each Spring, when it has started getting warmer but before it’s too hot outside. Beautiful time to play outside, though most anytime is nice for that.

If you’re like me you have wondered what they are doing with those plastic eggs. Do you wish that you could participate — or did you get in trouble when you “found” some of those eggs yourself?

Reilly here! I have a great idea for this problem! Well, I have TWO great ideas for this problem. What are they you wonder? Let me tell you…

Easter Treats for Dogs

The first idea is that we get ahold of some of these plastic eggs and have our own hunt for them! Like that idea do you? What should you put in those plastic eggs? Well, how about some homemade egg shaped treats? I have found a recipe for just that! Check out our recipe page on the website for that part of the idea.

Want more ideas about stuff that you can put in the eggs? Well there are other treats that can be put in of course. But you can also get really big plastic eggs and hide toys in them! I know right TOYS! These are rabbit shaped of course because a rabbit is the symbol of Easter.

Why a rabbit is a symbol hiding eggs I don’t understand. I would think he would hide those tasty pellets they leave behind. Aren’t eggs from chickens? I think I’ve heard that before somewhere….

Reilly! You’ve gone off topic COMPLETELY! Geez, you think that dog could stay on topic for one post! I’ll continue until his head is back from Easter confusion cloud.

I’ve seen little pets dressed up in suits with ties and pretty dresses when they are running around searching for those plastic eggs. I don’t know why, I’m sure they get them all kinds of dirty. However, when you hold your own Easter egg hunt you too can dress up with ties (both long and bow!) and pretty sundresses. If you don’t like things like hats on your head you can get a pretty sundress that doesn’t come with a hat. They come in the Easter pastels that our little pets wear!

Easter Dog Bunny Costumes

They even have bunny costumes for dogs that want to pretend to hide these eggs! These costumes are full bunny wear. They can come with a hoodie ear set or a regular ear set. They also come in regular bunny colors or those pastels that I told you the sundresses come in. Never seen a bunny a pastel color before, but hey whatever works for you!

If you’re like ME, you don’t have to wear the full costume, but you can get just the Easter bunny ears to wear. Or you don’t have to dress like a bunny but have him on your collar or bandana. They even have matching leashes that you can add to your closet. You have a closet right? If not, check out the website for what we said is the best in our doggie opinions!

Oh, I did start this post off by saying I had two ways didn’t I? Well the second idea??? I bet you’re dying to know. The other solution I had is to CRASH the little pet’s Easter egg hunt. Just be sure not to eat any of the chocolate. That can give you quite a stomach ache and can even kill you if you eat just ONE QUARTER your total body weight! That’s awful! Death by Chocolate for real! But what a way to go!

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